October Spice and an Extra Slice

October Spice and an extra slice o’ nice!
October simmers in Pumpkin spice, goblins and ghouls, and Halloween tricks or treats. It’s also Breast Cancer Month, Health Care Quality, and Health Literacy Month.

Who doesn’t love pumpkin spice? Do you know what’s actually IN pumpkin spice? Hint: Pumpkin is NOt listed in the ingredients. 🎃 My Halloween treat for you is frequently requested Pumpkin Almond Nice Cream recipe.

Mo’s Pumpkin Soft Serve Nice Cream
1 can pure pumpkin
¼ cup canned coconut milk
¼ cup almond butter
1 ½ tsp pumpkin pie spice or mix cinnamon and nutmeg
½ tsp – 1 tsp monkfruit (for desired sweetness)
ice cubes, I use 10-12

Blend in heavy-duty blender or food processor into a smooth consistency.

Enjoy immediately or store in freezer for ½ hour for a thicker consistency.Mmmmm MORSELICIOUS!

Serves 3-4
For mo; Morselicious pumpkin recipes, check out my Pumpkin Cookbook for mo’ Morselicious recipes.

This is a FABULOUSLY guilt-free ghoulish gift for your favorite goblins & trick-or-treaters!

Pumpkin Cookbook

Morselicious Nice-Cream

October is my dear late Papa’s birthday and I dedicate this post to him. I would be honored if you took a moment to make a wish in his honor and no doubt, he would be thrilled if you had a slice of German Chocolate Cake, his fave! Ask me how to Morselfy.

Dear Mo,

How can I prevent gaining weight during the holidays? – Ali W.

Dear Ali,

Be sure to get some form of exercise or movement into your daily routine. Best to start yesterday and make it something you enjoy to ensure it becomes a habit/part of your lifestyle. The most success I’ve learned in working with my clients is when they do it before they shower and get ready for the day ahead especially during the holidays when there are many after-work parties and engagements.  Regarding holiday indulgences, I don’t believe in deprivation and encourage my clients to choose their favorite holiday treats mindfully. For example, if you know ahead of time, you want the egg nog AND the pumpkin pie, then perhaps skip on the wine or extra helping of stuffing or bread. Bonus points if you eat a hearty salad filled with a rainbow of veggies, clean protein, and healthy fat ahead of time which not only gives you optimal nutrition but also keeps your blood sugar more steady and less HANGRY, ready to eat every single sugarplum, gingerbread, chocolate peanut butter bonbon, streusel, shortbread, egg nog ice cream, and Irish Coffee. I speak from experience and expertise.  Most importantly, allow yourself to enjoy the season and find other ways in addition to food, to celebrate this wonderful time of the year! Sing a carol, go sledding, take a hike, and share a meal with someone less fortunate than you. It’s amazing how powerful these fun and kind activities fulfil your cravings.  Let me know how this works for you and have a Morselicious holiday season!

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