Health coach, Mo The Morselist, stands next to an arrangement of rainbow vegetables.

Virtual Health Coaching

Certified Health Coach, Mo The Morselist, is sitting in a chair in a kitchen in an orange and yellow dress beneath a bright green jacket and posing with a green bowl of a rainbow of vegetables.Hello, I'm Mo, the Morselist a.k.a. Maura and I’m excited to work with you as your Health Coach working towards a Morselicious lifestyle. You can learn more about my training as a health coach and read testiMOnials from a few of my clients.


My interest in health & wellness began at an early age when I took my first CPR course to become a Volunteer Candy Striper at Mercy Hospital in Sacramento, CA where I spent extra time visiting sick relatives in the same hospital and later became a patient myself. Once I was on my road to recovery, I made a vow to do everything within my power to live a fun, full and healthy lifestyle inspiring me to learn as much as I could to become certified at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained in over 100 dietary theories. I continue to research daily to keep up with new information and discoveries in the health world.

Through my experience in health coaching, I’ve discovered the importance of bio-individuality and the poignant statement “one person’s food is another person’s poison.” A personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle and preferences is paramount to living your most vital life.

After my dad, Mac, a diabetic, survived two massive heart attacks and quadruple bypass surgery, I created Mac-n-Mo's, a healthy baked goods company, featuring a Paleo & Keto-friendly, no-sugar, low-sodium, grain-free, gluten-free, vegan, preservative-free, NO gmo’s, Morselicious Mix for baking & cooking. Having survived my own a medical miracle, I'm passionately dedicated to living and inspiring/educating a MORSELICIOUSLY healthy lifestyle. I'm proud to be called a pioneer in this field."

To hear more about my journey and medical miracle experience, please listen to these interviews on The Other 50% and Food Heals Nation podcasts.

For unique recipe creations, healthy living tips, funny & inspiring stories, check out my monthly blog as The MORSELIST.

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