Certified Health Coach and professional recipe developer, Mo The Morselist poses in a bright green jacket at a table. On the table is a bowl, a green apple, cinnamon sticks, and a bag of her Morselicious cooking and baking mix.

About Mo

My passion is to empower, inspire, entertain and transform people. I am the culmination of my life experience and expertise.

MoI am a passionate:

Mac-n-Mo's is a health and wellness company I created in honor of my dear late dad, Mac, a diabetic, after he survived quadruple bypass surgery. As a creative problem solver and trailblazer, I walk the walk and make mistakes along the way, always learning from my experiences. Sometimes mistakes are our Morselicious gems.

As a medical miracle survivor from a life and death botched up surgery and person with celiac, I am constantly creating ways to find a solution which is my guiding philosophy.

I am also a Creative-Hyphenate,  Actor-Singer-Writer-Filmmaker and Educator, aka "Edu-Tainer."

As a chef prepares a meal, I understand the value of integrating my creative passions, talents, and skills by optimizing and managing each burner on my stove and in my oven. Sometimes the health coaching course is simmering on the front burner while the performing project is incubating in the oven and vice versa. Not one to waste my talents and skills, maintaining creative flexibility has proven to be a golden asset.

As a key-note guest speaker and published writer, I have created and taught workshops and classes including:

  • Immune Boosting
  • Health and Beauty
  • Eating a Rainbow for kids & adults
  • Self-Esteem Builders for kids & adults
  • Creative Expression
  • Detoxing with Real food
  • Anti-inflammatory Diet
  • Healthy Cooking and Baking Workshop
  • ADHD-Autism
  • A Morselicious Lifestyle and Morselifying (modifying) Recipes, encouraging Mo’s 85/15 Rule
  • Personalized one-on-one recipe developments/meal-planning
  • Holistic Chamber of Commerce
  • Green Festival-Good Food Stage
  • Green City Fair-plant based meals
  • Works USA Non-profit Organization
  • Equitable Roots Non-profit Organization
I do not believe in deprivation or fad diets, and my clients are amazed they are never hungry once they integrate my 85/15 rule; 85% of the time, eat clean-real, low-sugar, low-sodium foods, plenty of exercise, and 15% wiggle room.
My first two cookbooks include a 21-day Morselicious Detox with over 125 recipes, 6 recipes per day and 12-days of Morselicious-ness. I'm currently working on my third cookbook featuring my Morselicious Paleo, Keto, grain-free, gluten-free, no-sugar, low-sodium, vegan, no GMOs, preservative-free, baking & cooking mix.
Certifications include:

I'm also a proud recipient of:

I have been featured on NBC-4 News, The Huffington Post, Voyage Los Angeles Magazine, Blooming Business Bilingual eMagazine, Living Sugar-Free Podcast, Be Brilliant Podcast, and as a weekly Recipe Blogger on Vitacost’s Upside.

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