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Want to feel healthier? More energetic? Get on your glow? Embark upon Mo’s Morselicious Lifestyle Path.

This is not a deprivation or fasting liquid diet. This is a real, whole-food, kickstart to detox from and cut the C.R.A.P., carbonated, refined, artificial, and processed junk. A MORSELICIOUS way of eating.

Mo’s Virtual 21-Day Kickstart Program includes:
    • 1 (one) 20-minute phone call with Mo, the Morselist, a board-certified integrative health coach
    • Email support from Mo.
    • 21-day Morseliciousness Detox e-cookbook, which includes;
      • A complete 21-day meal planning, menu program.
      • Over 125 low-sugar, gluten-free, plant-based**, low-sodium, non GMO sweet and savory recipes using real, whole-foods, created by Mo. For non-vegans, feel free to include clean protein of choice. When you’re ready for a more customized wellness plan/program, check out my Step One, Create Your Wellness Story.
      • A complete grocery shopping list and tips are included.
      • Tips to help you cut the C.R.A.P. (carbonated, refined sugar, flour, additives & processed foods).
      • Motivational tips.

Experience a real-food, sustainable MORSELICIOUS lifestyle change.

*Includes email support.

Contact [email protected] for mo’ information.


“Trying “Mo, The Morselists, 21-Day Morselicious Ultimate Detox” was the best decision I have ever made! After deciding I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, I was a little frightened that healthier foods would taste, not so delicious! I’m glad the Morselist alleviated my fears by presenting Morselicious recipes that left me wanting more. After completing the Morselists 21-day detox, I lost weight, felt healthier, and had glowing skin. Overall, I definitely love this new me!” 

-Saundre Scott 

“The number one thing I learned from this detox is as long as you prepare anything is possible. Sunday has become my day to prepare for the week and it’s a healthy habit I have kept up. A quick and convenient tip for the future, pre-pack you’re your meals in recycled jars for the week. I also loved that Mo allowed wiggle room (her 85/15 rule) and her “topsy-turvy” substitutions within her program making it perfectly manageable for everyone with any type of schedule.” 

-Colleen K. 

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