Maura speaks from a combination of lived experience, education, and common sense. She gently helped me to identify and give my body what it needed to get back on track after radiation and chemotherapy treatments. I feel stronger and more confident in my choices.

-Julie Currie

Talk about an amazing Coach!!! I had Maura present for my company and the audience was so excited at knowing that eating healthy didn’t mean not enjoying food! If you are looking for a coach who knows how to help with cravings, addiction to sugar and and healthy options; Maura is the coach for you. She makes the transition simple, easy and even fun!! thanks Maura for all you do.
-Irma Vargas

I’ve known Maura (Mo) for a number of years now. Her healthy treats are fantastic! And I’ve really appreciated the recipes she posts. I’ve even contributed a couple.

Maura is deeply committed to supporting people in their quest for wellness and balance. That’s one of the things I most admire about her and her work. She’s the real deal.

-Debra Atlas

After struggling with weight gain post-COVID and navigating menopause, I turned to Mac-N-Mo’s Monthly Customized Wellness Program for guidance. Maura’s one-on-one coaching and daily email support were invaluable, but what truly stood out was her teaching me how to “eat the rainbow.” This simple yet effective approach has not only helped me lose weight but also improved my overall well-being. The program offers a holistic approach that goes beyond just diet, touching on emotional and spiritual health as well. I couldn’t recommend it more for anyone facing similar challenges. Thank you, Maura!

-Patty Ross

I’m here to recommend Maura Knowles and her Mac-n-Mo’s Health and Wellness Counseling sessions. I first took a single private class with Maura and got so much out of it that I signed up for the 4-week counseling session. I learned more in those 5 sessions than I’ve learned from doctors ever about things I could do to help myself and my health. I saw tremendous improvement in my overall health.

I have kidney issues and learned more from Maura about what I could do to help my kidneys in one session than in years from my Primary Doctor or Kidney Specialist who both recommended “just watch and wait”. Maura gave me tangible things I could DO to improve my kidney function and THEY WORKED. My kidney functioning went up a lot – from her nutritional advice. She is incredibly knowledgeable and all her advice is backed up by scientific research and studies that she will send you. If you have a question she can’t answer, she will go out and research it and get back to you with copies of the scientific research to back it up.

Maura doesn’t just work with you nutritionally, she works on your whole being – your mind, body and spirit. If you are feeling depressed or anxious or whatever she will help you with what to eat to help ease those feelings – or what to STOP eating. Also sometimes just having someone to talk to about what you’re feeling can often resolve the matter by itself, just by having a caring sounding board to talk it out with. Maura is an amazing listener and anything you share will remain absolutely confidential.

Besides giving you so much material and things you can do to help yourself, she also holds you responsible for doing it – not scolding you if you don’t, but really emphasizing that it doesn’t work if you don’t follow the advice. And if you do follow her instructions I am here to say IT DOES WORK AND YOU WILL SEE A CHANGE.

I fully recommend Mac-n-Mo’s Health and Wellness Company and Maura’s Health Counseling sessions if you want to lose weight, deal with specific health issues or just feel all around better. HER COUNSELING SESSIONS DEFINITELY WORKED FOR ME!

-Bonnie Hellman

Just had a session with Mac-n-Mo’s Maura Knowles. Wonderful health suggestions while dealing with the never ending treadmill of life. Her clarity on slowing down, how to eat for your health issues, and fitness are all so helpful. Looking forward to our next session.

-Therese Walden

The Morselist has inspired me to think outside the box with cooking and eating. Her recipes are creative, clean, nutritious and morselicious!

Sean D., San Francisco, CA

Mo’s inspiration to integrate a healthy, positive attitude in to your life and carry it over in to how that is supported by what you eat has been an important factor in maintaining consistency in my diet and lifestyle!

Julie C., NYC

The number one thing I learned from this detox is as long as you prepare anything is possible.  Sunday has become my day to prepare for the week and it’s a healthy habit I have kept up. A quick and convenient tip for the future, pre-pack you’re your meals in recycled jars for the week. I also loved that Mo allowed wiggle room (her 85/15 rule) and her “topsy-turvy” substitutions within her program making it perfectly manageable for everyone with any type of schedule.

Colleen K.

If you’re ready to change your life, then Mo’s Group Detox plan is a great first step. There is so much information- especially misinformation- out there about diets, detox plans, and fasts. Mo cuts through all of that. This isn’t a gimicky plan, it’s a real plan that allows you to feel your best for 21 days- and beyond. That’s right, not only will you FEEL better on this plan, you will learn so much! Mo makes you understand the why behind her plans, recipes, and thoughts. Invaluable information for living your healthiest you. Plus, besides the community support- you receive 3 tele-classes from Mo, a value in itself! – Founder of Delicious Knowledge

Alex Caspero, R.D.
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