Mac-n-Mo’s Morsels are a tasty, healthy treat to satisfy your sweet craving with all-natural ingredients – great for those with diabetes or insulin resistance.

Susan B. Dopart, RD, MS

The Morselist has inspired me to think outside the box with cooking and eating. Her recipes are creative, clean, nutritious and morselicious!

Sean D., San Francisco, CA

Mo’s inspiration to integrate a healthy, positive attitude in to your life and carry it over in to how that is supported by what you eat has been an important factor in maintaining consistency in my diet and lifestyle!

Julie C., NYC

The number one thing I learned from this detox is as long as you prepare anything is possible.  Sunday has become my day to prepare for the week and it’s a healthy habit I have kept up. A quick and convenient tip for the future, pre-pack you’re your meals in recycled jars for the week. I also loved that Mo allowed wiggle room (her 85/15 rule) and her “topsy-turvy” substitutions within her program making it perfectly manageable for everyone with any type of schedule.

Colleen K.

If you’re ready to change your life, then Mo’s Group Detox plan is a great first step. There is so much information- especially misinformation- out there about diets, detox plans, and fasts. Mo cuts through all of that. This isn’t a gimicky plan, it’s a real plan that allows you to feel your best for 21 days- and beyond. That’s right, not only will you FEEL better on this plan, you will learn so much! Mo makes you understand the why behind her plans, recipes, and thoughts. Invaluable information for living your healthiest you. Plus, besides the community support- you receive 3 tele-classes from Mo, a value in itself! – Founder of Delicious Knowledge

Alex Caspero, R.D.

So this is cool – I am a total compulsive overeater (no, that’s not the cool part). Once I start, I can’t stop. Now yes, I could have eaten all of them, but I was able to stop at two morsels! So that tells me they don’t have all the nasty binge inducing stuff that most treats do, yet they taste like one AND they’re satisfying. What’s not to love?

Kelly Lester, C.E.O. Easy Lunch Boxes

I AM SO ADDICTED TO THE MIX!  I wanted to cut to the chase and say it, but honestly, I use Mac N’ Mo’s Morselicious Mix for everything- pancakes, muffins, morsels, and sometimes I even mix it with a little bit of peanut butter and just eat it.  I don’t always get a chance to buy the morsels, but I am NEVER without the mix!

Lindsay Young

Waffle request from my girls this morning…even the baby loved them too! I’m a bit obsessed with my waffle maker-Used my new fav mix from Mac-n-Mo’s Magical Morsels…just added an egg, coconut oil, baking powder/soda and almond milk. Note to self: coconut oil solidifies when added to cold milk/mix-used more warm milk and mix to melt it down and get batter perfect-I am not a baker, so this was a great learning experience for me! More to come, I still have mix left….we shall see! – Board Certified Holistic Health Coach & Mom

Rebecca Dawes, Holistic Health Coach

Mac-n-Mo’s Morselicious baking mix is superb. I’ve tried other Gluten Free baking mixes only to be disappointed in the final product. With the Morselicious baking mix I’ve been able to make yummy morsels (simple recipe right on the package) and wholesome muffins that were absolutely delicious. It delivered both texture and flavor appeal – for a satisfying treat. I look forward to the many different recipes to try from Mo the Morselist in her latest cookbook. I highly recommend this wonderful product. – Registered dietitian, founder of Nutri-Savvy and mother of 4 year old twins.

Lauren O'Connor, RD

As a mom of two tweens, I am shocked by how much sugary food is available to my sons in a day. When they’re at home I limit my sons sugar intake, so I’m thrilled to have discovered Mac-n-Mo’s morsels! With only 1 gram of sugar, these treats hit the spot, which makes me happy. What also makes me happy is knowing they are non-GMO verified. – Board Certified Health Coach, AADP

Christine Greiner
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