A Certified Integrative Health Coach is a professional health coach focused on the entire person, not just one aspect or area. Working with a Certified Health Coach, ie. yours truly, will take an overall assessment of your entire life, including diet, relationships, career, exercise, hobbies/passions, lifestyle, etc. (A Morselicious LIFE pie).

I work with clients using my Morselicious LIFE pie approach and 85/15 rule. 85% of the time, eat clean, real, whole foods and 15% wiggle room to indulge and perhaps giggle and jiggle while doing so. Honoring your wish list, non-negotiables, ie. will NOT force you to give up coffee. Confession: my coffee is sacred! 🙂 Together we create your custom-made healthier, happier and sustainable Morselicious Life pie.

Absolutely not. There is no single diet that works for every BODY. We are all bio-individuals requiring various nutrients depending on our lifestyle, level of physical activity, metabolism, health, etc. One person's food can be another's poison.  I do subscribe to a plant-forward diet that incorporates a variety of vegetables into each meal.

A plant-forward diet includes a diet rich in clean, colorful, think rainbow of veggies in most, if not all of your meals. You do not have to give up fish, eggs, meat. By incorporating more veggies in our bowls and our plates, we still have room for wild fish, organic eggs and meat.

Every color in vegetables and fruit provides different micro-nutrients. By eating a rainbow of veggies and some fruit,  you will nourish your body with optimal nutrition. Not only is it pleasing to the eye but also a flavor of colorful fiesta for your taste buds. Eat a rainbow, nourish your body, mind, and mood. A colorful plate makes us look and feel great! (that rhymed). 🙂

Book a session with me today and we will figure out the best plan or program for you and your goals.

A Morselicious Pie is a recipe for a full like.

My coaching approach draws from my education and life experience, as an actor-singer-writer-survivor, focusing on the entire Morselicious Pie, ie, all the “ingredients” that encompass your life. Diet, lifestyle, relationships, levels of physical activity, profession, passions, hobbies, creative expression and the stories we tell ourselves and others are all vital/integral pieces or slices of our Morselicious Pie.

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