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Festive February & Vitamin L (LOVE)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Heart-Healthy Foods

Are you getting enough vitamin L for LOVE?
Make this a Festive, Fun February! February is also American Heart Month.

Here are a few simple ways to get extra vitamin L for your heart. Name as many veggies that begin with the letter F. Now, try to incorporate as many of these into your meals this month. Have fun! Play with your food!
Are you seeing a theme with me this year? J veggies for January, F veggies for February. Consider getting a lead on March.

Here are a few of my favorite F veggies:

Fiddlehead Ferns
French Beans

French Sorrel

Why not make a Festive Fritatta this week?

Festive Fritatta & (Air) Fried Sweet Potatoes

Here are a few photos of my latest Morselicious Chocolate Raspberry Mousse creation in honor of Valentine’s day; stay tuned for the recipe.

Mo's Chocolate Rasbperry Mousse

Share some of your favorite vitamin L ingredients.
A few of mine are:

  • Swimming
    Epsom salt baths
    Morning cup of coffee
    Arithmetic (J/K) πŸ˜‚

Dear Mo,

I’ve been trying to make healthier habits stick this year especially eating more real food and I remember your advice to take baby steps. Will you please give me a couple of specific options that I’m more likely to stick with?

Thanks, Mo!


Dear Jessie,

Thanks for writing. I suggest starting with a simple weekly meal plan complete with a grocery shopping list. The more time you spend planning and prepping, the easier it is to follow through and make a habit. Once you do this 3-4 times/weeks in a row, it will become second nature and part of your sustainable lifestyle while allowing for a few meals out. The meals out will become more of an occasional event rather than your usual routine. Might I also suggest trying one new veggie or dish once a week to avoid a food rut? Let me know how it goes and if you need more guidance. Be sure to check out my grocery shopping list template and cookbooks for mo’ ideas.

I’m accepting new clients. Click here if you’re ready to start your deprivation-free Morselicious health and wellness journey.
Be sure to read these Self Care Tips for Heart Health and remember to spread Healthy Love for yourself and those around you!




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