Diabetes Awareness Month-Guest Post

On the first day of Diabetes Awareness Month my illness gave to me…wait. Wrong holiday? Can we even call it a holiday? What would we be celebrating?
Happy November and before we get to our Morselicious Guest Post from the wonderful Taylor Lane in honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month, I would like to thank everyone for the beautiful support, love and prayers during the horrific fires here in California. Having been evacuated for the second time in the past two years, I am humbled, grateful and overwhelmed by the love and an extra thank-you to the Los Angeles Fire Department for keeping us and our homes safe. Their dedication and love for what they do and all they protect is astounding. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Now, onto our Morseliciously inspiring guest, Taylor;

Surviving. Conquering the highs and lows. Remembering to check blood sugars. Fighting against the rising cost of insulin. Defeating stigmas. Avoiding questionable nutrition labels. And, of course, creating and discovering new Morselicious Treats I’ve been making with Mac-n-Mo’s Baking & Cooking Mix that keep this low sugar lifestyle just as sweet!

I’ve always appreciated that this month of awareness falls during a time of the year that can be increasingly challenging for diabetics of all types. As if everyday challenges aren’t enough, we tend to face carb-heavy meal after carb-heavy meal with the approaching holidays. Temptation is EVERYWHERE. Breads, potatoes, cookies and leftover Halloween treats.

Making the best choices for ourselves is a 365 day, 24/7 challenge. Every decision is carefully weighed. Every move made with caution and often a consequence. However, some of my most useful tips for surviving the holidays especially include:

  • EXERCISE! It will increase your insulin sensitivity. Even taking a small pre-dinner walk can decrease the damage.
  • Plan ahead of time. Search for alternatives to your favorite dishes. For example, cauliflower is a fun low carb replacement potatoes and pastas!
  • Drink water! Stay hydrated and be mindful with anything that isn’t H2O.
  • Indulge sensibly. This is where Mac-n-Mo’s Morselicious Treats come into play!
  • Whether you’re on your own journey with diabetes or are supporting the ones you love from the sidelines, patience and mindfulness are necessary tools for this journey. There is always the promise of a new day. A chance to start fresh. To forgive yourself and to celebrate even the simplest achievements in self-care.

Join me on November 14th by wearing blue to show support and raise awareness for all TYPES of diabetics in YOUR life!

Taylor Lane is a 26-year-old optimist who’s 17 year battle with type one diabetes has developed her passion for health and fitness. With degrees in both areas of nutrition and exercise science, Taylor promotes striving for balance in all areas of health from the mental to the physical. In September of  2018, she made her ultimate dream a reality by moving from Maine to Los Angeles, CA with a mission to help others realize their potential by sharing her personal story. When she’s not sweating it out on her yoga mat, Taylor enjoys trying new recipes, writing, dancing and adventuring around her new city.  You can follow her adventures at TrainForTaylor.

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