April, 2023 A is for Arugula, Artichoke, Asparagus, & Earth Day

April is for veggies that begin with the letter A. A few of my favorites are Arugula, Artichokes, Asparagus, Avocado, and Anise (Fennel).

Make a Morselicious salad, stir fry, pizza, frittata, the menu is endless.

What can you do today to help make our planet healthier, safer, and more sustainable?

In honor of Earth Month, Earth Day is April 22, 2023,
I answered Jamie’s question in depth.

Dear Mo,

Can you please help me get unstuck? I’m in a major food rut and need a serious kickstart! I’ve been wanting to hire you as my Health Coach but find excuse after excuse. I would appreciate any advice or tips you can share in the meantime.

Thank you,

A very frustrated Jamie

Dear Jamie,

Thanks for writing and believe me, you’re not alone! All of us get stuck at some point and most of us benefit from an accountability partner. And, while I am a great Health Coach/Accountability partner :-), I am not the only person who can help you.

In honor of our amazing planet, let’s tackle this challenge by celebrating our incredible bodies and finding the root cause of what’s standing between you and your goals.
Consider what you put in your body (food), what you put in your mind, thoughts, and beliefs, and anything else that’s clogging up your health and wellness journey.

The first step is usually the hardest.
So, now is the time to get REAL and identify exactly what’s holding you back.
We often go into autopilot with our daily life and don’t notice what’s getting in our way.

Try this exercise.
Grab a pen and a journal, or open a doc, and start writing. Mo’s tip: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Feel free to toss or delete what you write later.
Make a list of ALL of the reasons you haven’t been able to achieve your goals.
Write everything down!

Maybe you despise getting up early, or don’t like “healthy” foods, or perhaps you feel like you don’t have willpower or motivation, are overwhelmed, feel alone in your journey, or maybe there are factors outside of your control, ie. chronic pain, illness, injuries. I’m speaking from personal experience. As you may recall, 2022 was a slew of broken bones for me and I had to relearn how to walk, eat humble pie, and learn how to graciously accept help. Note: I’m still working on improving my gait. It’s not easy.
Go to town and write it ALL down. (Yes, that rhymed) 🙂

The First Step

Now, read through your list and look for common themes: time constraints, motivation issues, confidence, support/accountability, etc.
Here’s the place for creative problem-solving and time to

Don’t have support? Find it! Think of the health-minded people in your circle and enlist them, search for an online community, and/or work with a coach. (Book a session with yours truly or at the very least, book a free 15-minute consultation).
Get creative. Find ways to sneak healthier choices into spare moments of your life. Add zucchini to your favorite brownie recipe. Turn up the show tunes and dance with abandon in your living room! For those who despise show tunes, I can’t relate, find your music du jour and pump up the volume!

Surround yourself with motivation – read inspiring health blogs, books, Ted Talks, videos, and keep a journal to track your progress.
Visualize how great will it feel to once and for all, ditch the obstacles between you and your goals. Remember WHY you want to achieve these goals. Now is the time to feel INCREDIBLY Morselicious!
Raise your hand if you’re in! 🙋

Happy Earth Month/April/and let me know what your favorite A veggies are. 🙂



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