Grab your slice of the Morselicious Pie. Photo of Mo holding a slice of pie next to her Morselicious baking and cooking mix.

2021, the Year to Create Your Morselicious Pie!

Happy New Year, Morselites!

Cheers to you for soaring into a New Year! The best time to make a fresh start, a blank canvas to create new goals, choices, and expand on some you may have developed last year.

Mo awakening from her 2020 hibernation.

I, for one, am committed to continue my favorite morning routine, which begins with a 30-second gentle stretch, drink two 8oz glasses of purified water before choosing a word or two to reflect on for the day, brew a strong mug o’ joe, (still working on savOURing vs. devouring in 3 gulps and any tips are Morseliciously appreciated), write in my gratitude journal and make a fresh “to-do” list for the day. Power-walking-shoes laced and I hit the nature trail. Favorite way to start my day!  

Do you have a favorite morning routine?

Schitt's Creek gif of Johnny Rose saying "because it's part of the rollout."

The first three people who share their routine in the comments will receive access to my FREE live online Morselicious Pie Jumpstart Workshop,  fresh out of the Morselist’s oven. This pie will nourish you with a taste of how to thrive with a Morseliciously healthy sustainable lifestyle. Taking Johnny Rose’s advice, stay tuned for the “rollout” of our complete Morselicious Pie Program.

After you post your comment, contact [email protected] with the subject line, 

“I want my slice of the Morselicious Pie!”

A Morselicious Pie. Photo of real pie crust with bright rainbow colored slices that represent parts of a healthy lifestyle.

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Want to know mo’ about the slices of a Morselicious Pie? Check out the article I wrote for Blooming Business Bilingual eMagazine‘s December issue.

xo, Mo ☘️

4 thoughts on “2021, the Year to Create Your Morselicious Pie!”

  1. 2020 really kickstarted me into finding a routine to help me THRIVE! I start every morning by reading a few pages when I wake up. Then I have my coffee and breakfast. I try to journal before turning on my phone or any other technology. After I write and prioritize my to-do list for the day, I take a walk in the neighborhood followed by a stretch session before sitting down at my desk for the day.

    1. Hooray and Morselicious thanks for sharing, Taylor! Love the unplugging, soooooo important and the stretches and walks-VITAL to our Morselicious Pie. Stay tuned for your slice. 🙂

  2. happy new year, mo! my morning routine after i wake and use the bathroom (that has to come first, LOL) is i take CBD, check phone/computer for texts, calls, emails, meditate for 10 min (if i’m on a roll with it), take my vitamins, prepare my matcha green tea (you might try that instead of coffee, mo) and prepare breakfast and eat it. then i get to work, either auditioning or doing voice-over work i have, or doing some drawing or playing ukelele (been learning how!) later i’ll exercise either walking (on a nice day) or doing my dance game in the basement.

    1. Happy Morselicious New Year, Jill!
      I’m so happy you shared your wonderful routine and mo’excited to hear about ukelele. Will you teach me?
      Stay tuned for your slice o’ Morselicious Pie, pun intended. 🙂

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