Mo Roses Descanso Gardens

June is Bustin’ Out in Rosy Health

June is bustin’ out with Brain Awareness, Men’s Health, Cataract Awareness, Roses, and Father’s Day!
It’s been 3 years since my dear late dad, Mac, passed and we miss him every day.


I imagine he’s busy enjoying all the things he could no longer do or eat here on earth and celebrating the wonderful papa he was! As a little girl, I thought heaven was a place where I could eat all the chocolate pudding I wanted and I’m talking giant bowls with spatulas pudding. No doubt, my dad is enjoying all the treats he wants spatula or no spatula. πŸ™‚

Mo Roses Descanso Gardens
Mo & Roses Descanso Gardens

I’ve been experimenting with some Morselicious dishes in my Air Fryer including an inspired Tizza, a ground turkey swicy”pizza” topped with Cashew CheeZe, Artichoke Hearts, Asparagus, Kale.

What is swicy, you ask? Swicy is a combination of sweet and spicy, my favorite combination. I add cayenne pepper to my unsweetened Morselicious Cocoa. Mmmmmm…swicy!
What are your favorite swicy combos?

Last weekend, I was jumping out of my skin. I needed a change of scenery from the June Gloom/May Gray and found myself driving toward Descanso Gardens in Pasadena, one of my favorite gardens, and what a glorious decision that was! Best spontaneous Self-Care Sunday date ever! The roses were in full splendor, blooms galore! When was the last time you took yourself on a spontaneous self-care date? I encourage my clients to do it at least monthly. It’s vital to our overall health and wellbeing, an important ingredient in our Morselicious Life Pie. There’s no right or wrong way to take yourself on a self-care date other than you must really enjoy it and major bonus points if it’s good for your health, any aspect of your health. Let me know if you need inspiration or tips. Post your comments here or on my social media pages. I promise I’ll reply.

I’m excited for an upcoming concert fundraiser for my theatre company on June 25th in Los Angeles, CA. There will be a number of amazing raffle and silent auction items including a free health coaching session. For tickets and details, click here.

The third annual Arts & Health Summit week is happening this week in Los Angeles and I’m looking forward to another year of inspiring panels and conversations. Studies have proven that arts & health are vital to all of our communities and I’m honored to be part of the conversation.

Be sure to wear your sunscreen and get some Vitamin D and Vitamin L (Love) this summer, and book your free health coaching consultation to get a jump start on your health!




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