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June is Bustin’ Out All Over

🎶June is bustin’ out all over… don’t let your shorts bust your buttons. 😂

Summer’s here! ‘Tis time to start your healthy grills and finesse your Morselicious picnic recipes. June is National Safety Month, CPR & AED Awareness, National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month, & National LGBTQIA Pride Month. A beautiful combo to refresh your safety awareness including renewing your CPR/AED certifications and reap the summer harvest rainbow gifts of fresh fruits & veggies while waving your rainbow pride flags! How’s that for tying in some festive summer lovin’ gifts?

Father’s Day is June 19th and as always, I honor my dear late Papa this Father’s Day and every day. The ladybug lovelies continue to visit me. Reminder from last’s months ☘️Fun tasty tidbit; a swarm of ladybugs is called lovelies. A perfect name, indeed. 🐞

I’ve been partnering with Revel, the incredible women’s group, and continue teaching my Morselicious Sugar-Weaning, Eat A Rainbow, Morseliscious Life Pie & other health & wellness workshops. Would love you to join me.

Morselcious Summer Rainbow Salad in Jar

What’s on your Summer Bucket or Pail List? I want to hear!

I’m still doing my best to recover/rehabilitate my myriad of broken bones.

I recently read the question, “Are you a human being or a human doing?” Which made me think; what do you do when you “do” everything “right” yet things still take a stumble or worse, a break or two or three? But who’s counting?🙌 I’ve learned the only option is to adjust and just“be” where you are. Although, truth be told, I wouldn’t mind “doing” a wee bit mo’. 😆

Enjoy a few mo’ healthy summer BBQ ideas:

Grilled summer veggies on a circle or triangle kabob to mix it up.

Grilled peach and Spinach or Romaine kabobs. TRY it before you knock it. 🙃

Host a music themed potluck with foods from a fun song playlist. Get creative!

And now, onto this month’s Dear Mo question from Natalie:

Q. Dear Mo, I want to dramatically reduce storing my food in plastic containers but glass versions are too heavy and expensive and for my on-the-go meals. Please help!

A. You are not alone, Natalie. I made the shift gradually and started with reusing my glass jars from nut butters of ALL sizes. Think “salad-in-a-jar,” chia pudding, overnight oats for those who can digest oats.* Speaking of oats, we have another question regarding Quick Oats vs. Steel Cut Oats for a future post. Soup, chili, & stews store and transport food beautifully in these glass jars. Watch for sales on glass storage containers from your favorite stores, check thrift stores, yard sales. If you’re part of a Buy Nothing or Neighborhood Group, these items are often gifted. Baby steps. Believe me, I’m the unofficial spokesperson for such steps this year!

I pack on-the-go snacks and meals include nuts, nut butters (natural, unsweetened-unsalted), cut up veggies and I started packing my salads in a jar…a great way to enjoy your UNSOGGY salad..put the dressing on the bottom of the jar and layer your veggies, leaves and protein, nuts or seeds. MORSELICIOUS! Make sure to keep an insulated bag or small cooler in your car. If you do still use plastic, be sure it’s BPA free. Saving your nut butter jars is a great way to recycle, avoid plastic toxins AND save money! Please share your tips here and/or on my Facebook or Instagram page.

Try my Tangy Lemon Salad Dressing recipe

Send your questions for Mo at [email protected]. Book your free 20-minute Health Coaching consultation. Book a group workshop and consider your office workplace.

Grilled Peaches

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Xo, Mo ☘️

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