Spring Clean-Simplify-Unplug

What do the words Spring Clean, declutter, detox, unplug mean to you?

Mo, on set of the comedy, Fleptomaniac

A serendipitous chain of events literally forced me to unplug, leading me to simplify and declutter, a personalized Spring Cleaning. One wet and rainy morning in Los Angeles, a rarity, on my way to help a friend clear out her boss’ mansion sized closets, my phone broke.  Kaput! Bye-bye communication with the outside world.   Talk about modern-day stress. Driving without a phone in a storm. What the what?! Then, I thought back to the first 20 plus years of my life when we didn’t have cell phones and drove in snowstorms, over the river and through the woods... however,  we had something then that no longer exists except for in some old Telephone Museum; payphones. When was the last time you actually saw a payphone? You can find them next to the rotary telephone.  Remember those?

I lost count how many times I reached for my phone to check messages, take photos, weather, the time. It was a phantom appendage. I was at a loss and yet there was something freeing as time went on.  I couldn’t be reached. I was where I needed to be at that moment and my friend knew where I was and my commitment was to help her that day.  I was forced to be in the moment focusing on my task at hand;  to help pack the troves of clothes, shoes, robes, and slippers (even some ruby red ones).

Then came Lesson #2; Clutter and Stuff.  My friend’s boss had amazing, expensive, beautiful items, but in the end, it’s all just STUFF and someone, at some point will have to sort through the clutter to dispose of, deliver and donate. A daunting time-suck. Believe me, as much as we appreciated the quality and art of these things, by the end of the day, we were cursing how much still remained to sort. Our cars  stuffed to the gills with bags and boxes; yet, the house was still full.  It was a Master Class in the Art of UNPLUGGING and SIMPLIFYING and the lesson was NOT lost on me.  Once I finally got a new phone, don’t even ask HOW much that stuff cost, I decided to focus on my other “stuff” at home by starting a major detox/declutter/Spring Clean.  The idea that we must let go of the crap that is weighing us down in order to make room for new gifts has manifested in ways I am still experiencing and it’s glorious!  It’s a constant work in progress and I am on a Morselicious Mission, much like a Spring Clean Detox for our gut, body, soul. It’s Integrative Health at work and so worth it.  How often do we overstuff ourselves with food, drink, things?  What truly matters is the quality time and experiences spent with loved ones and there are times, I must remind myself of that when I’m tempted to buy another collectable or nibble ‘just one mo’ morsel.’ 🙂  “It is good to collect things, but better to go on walks.”  – Anatole France

How do you Spring Clean areas of your life?  PLEASE share by posting a comment and feel free to reach out to yours truly.  And while you’re detoxing, try my coconut cream crepe recipe.               

6 thoughts on “Spring Clean-Simplify-Unplug”

  1. Ximena Gonzales

    I LOVE the idea of moving the focus away from your phone and putting it into bettering your life. Everyone is in need of a little detox in their life and I need to put this into my life!

    1. I’m so happy you love this idea, Ximena, and please keep us all posted on how you implement it. xo Mo

  2. So very, very true! After dealing with a fire-caused evacuation, I found myself looking at the clothes in my closet completely differently. (Thankfully, we were able to return home, no damage.) Confronted with the decision to use up precious suitcase space as we were leaving, my hitherto suppressed loathing of certain clothes (which were undoubtedly useful) became totally clear. I’m not using up space on that dress, I thought to myself.

    1. Amen, Mona. I completely understand where you’re coming from there, first hand. Thanks for sharing.

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