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Hippity, Hoppity, Hobbledy!

Hippity, Hoppity, Hobbledy! Who can believe Easter/Passover/Earth Day is just around the corner? I never imagined I would still be dealing with a broken foot since just after Thanksgiving but who’s counting? I am! 😜

So much for hippity, hoppity, hiding chocolate eggs for Easter this year, although I’m more than happy to accept extra dark chocolate gluten-free eggs as I hobbledy out my front door. 🐰
Reflection: The unexpected and forced upon me gift/lesson/reality that my life has been challenged to face these past four plus months of PAUSE has brought me to appreciate my true friends and powerful moments to notice the simplest of joys. For example, a shower, which I’m now able to do for myself. BIG win! Grocery shopping, cooking my own food, “admiring my puzzles,” whilst still trying to navigate the slow and painful healing process.

One baby step forward, three giant painful leaps backwards. Each day, each hour presents new challenges. How to best navigate? Concentrate as I relearn how to do what used to be second nature to me?

How do you navigate life’s challenges, be it losing weight, eating more real foods, incorporate more greens into your meals, move more, find the exercise routines you look forward to rather than dred?

I am grateful my wrist is healing. Unfortunately, my foot is taking much longer. Aqua therapy is amazing! I’ve had two sessions so far and the power of moving through water without bone or joint pain is liberating. I learned that it takes six weeks for women to build muscle and only two weeks to lose it. I’ve been immobile for more than 16 weeks, God help me!

Per my doctor’s orders, “Listen to your body and don’t over do it!” There’s a fine line between pushing yourself through the pain and pushing too hard. Do you find it challenging to listen to your body? Do you eat intuitively and mindfully, or do you consistently deprive yourself of nourishment, thereby starving yourself? As a culture, we are overfed and undernourished, another reason to pause and stay present in everything we do, eat, and chew.
Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22nd. This year’s theme, Invest In Our Planet. What are three ways you can invest in our planet as well as yourself?

Here are a few ideas:

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Which can also include incorporating more leftovers into new meals. Eat the entire plant, radish greens and all.

Enjoy nature’s beauty by taking a walk or hike in your local park or trail, and pick up any trash you find. Invite your friends and pack a picnic potluck.

Plant a tree or garden and give yourself the gift of nature’s pharmacy in your own back or front yard.

Spring Green Smoothie

Special thanks to Joann, a curious Morselite, for this month’s question.

Q. Dear Mo, what breakfast options do you suggest for someone who can’t stomach savory breakfasts?

A. Great question, Joann. Aim to eat fiber, healthy fat, and protein with every meal and snack. When you start your day with sugar, it sends you down a slippery slope and sets you up to crave and consume more sugar, sugar highs and lows, usually resulting in binges the rest of the day. Remember, sugar is a drug. Sugar is sugar no matter what it’s called or how cleverly it’s marketed.

Tip: If you’re not a fan of unsweetened green protein shakes and I mean UNSWEETENED. I know the challenges in finding a clean protein powder that doesn’t contain a C.R.A.P. load of sweeteners, hidden sugar. C.R.A.P. (Carbonated, refined, Artificial, Processed food-like products).

Try plain unsweetened Greek yogurt, almond milk options are great for those preferring plant-based options. Add your favorite nuts, nut butters, chia seeds or flax meal. Bonus points for adding greens. Shredded spinach leaves, or chopped zucchini are mild, tasty options. Before you turn your nose up, just try adding a little and give it a taste. Popeye would be so proud and so would Mo. 🥬

Fiber, healthy fat, and protein packed meal guaranteed to maintain steadier blood sugar levels while satisfying your sweet preference without the extra sugar. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Remember my Morselicious Pie approach which looks at our entire life picture, not just the food we eat.

Morselicious Pie
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Froggy Mo

Goals: To swim the breast stroke like back in my swim team trophy days pre-injuries, where I got my nickname, Froggy. 🐸

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Happy Easter, Passover, and Earth Day! Share your photos/videos on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram!


Xo, Mo ☘️
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