March Into Nutrition & Women’s History Month

Lettuce march into National Women’s Historyand Nutrition month, and celebrate a world of flavors! Confession: I hobbled in hoping for a reboot, literally, physically, and figuratively. You may recall, my year began with two broken bones, and am committed to rebooting through resourcefulness and resilience!

Reflection: Those of us who observe, the Lenten season has begun and this year’s theme is, A Time for Mending. The first daily reflection was titled, “We are All BANGED Up!” I can’t think of a clearer message to reflect life’s challenges and being there for each other.

I am blessed, humbled, and grateful by the abundance of love & support my friends & family and hope I return it ten-fold. When in your life have you rebooted, either by choice or circumstance? I’ve found resilience through resourcefulness. When was the last time you made chocolate soup from a stream of tears?I tried making my mojo cocoa with my left hand, the one NOT in a cast, and somehow arugula sprigs made its way into my mug! Fret not! This is NOT one of my Morselicious recipes.

One of my favorite podcasts, Tiny Victories, featured my call into the Tiny Victories hotline about making chocolate tear soup. Listen here. Note: I called in before 5:00 am, a wee bit groggy and graveldeegooked. Check that on Wordle. 🙂

Most of us are in need of mending, especially the people in the Ukraine. NPR shared this list of resources to help the people in the Ukraine. Please share other resources in the comments.

Broken bones will NOT break my spirit!

Special thanks to Julie, a curious Morselite, for this month’s question.

QDear Mo, is agave still the best sugar substitute? I am trying to cut back on sugar and “fake” sugar.

A. Thanks for your question, Julie. No, agave is not the best sugar alternative. In fact, it often spikes insulin levels higher than plain sugar but the marketing has created a health halo effect confusing many well-intentioned people as they struggle through their sugar weaning journey. Sugar is sugar no matter what it’s called or how it’s marketed. I dig deeper with sustainable/tasty in my Sugar-Weaning workshops and one-on-one health coaching sessions.

For the sake of today’s question, here are a few things to consider; although we may not want to hear this but if we need a substitute/alternative, we are, most likely, addicted to sugar. Guilty as charged! As I’ve admitted again and again, I am a sugar-weaning-holic work-in-progress.

Tip: Check the labels. Any ingredient ending in “ose” is a form of sugar.

🎶Sweeten your Morselicious Life Pie without spoonfuls of sugar. ”🎶

Try my Morselicious Pie approach which looks at our entire life picture, not just the food we eat.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Choose your favorite treats and decide to savor once a week or start with once a day versus every meal.
  2. Find ways to morselfy your favorite treats. And keep a small stash in your freezer in case of an emergency sugar craving versus pigging out on the ice cream.
  3. Stop the cave before you crave. Better yet, don’t bring the C.R.A.P. into your house. If you have sugar-laden temptations, believe me, take it from someone who knows all too well, you will cave into your crave. Not sure what to do with the sugary filled C.R.A.P.?About 10 years ago, I was helping a friend clean up after a party and watched in horror as he tossed out 3/4 of a frosted cake, cupcakes, and cookies. I gasped as he tossed them into the trash,“What are you DOING?! How can you throw out all that food?”

    He replied, “it’s NOT food. It’s fake sugary C.R.A.P. and if it’s here, I know I’ll cave and one bite will spin me out of control into a full blown sugar binge. No thank you!”

    That AHA moment has stuck with me ever since. I’m not saying I never cave into my sugary cravings but I AM more aware of my triggers and realize that I am making a choice to indulge versus mindless grazing/bingeing.

    Do you have your own tips to curb your sugar cravings? Please share your and send your questions for Mo at [email protected]. Book your free 20-minute Health Coaching consultation. I also teach group workshops/sessions if you want to get your friends, co-workers together.

Goal Setting: A ladder I soon hope to climb, one step at a time. 🤪


Gift Ideas:

My Morselicious e-cookbook is a perfect gift for you and your loved ones, and guaranteed to satisfy your tasty sugar-weaning cravings for your sweeties. 😋And check out these Printables:

Please share with someone who may be interested in working with me.Note, I work with all size groups if you want to find a buddy or two. 🎁My workshops are also ideal for small groups, parties, companies…Give the gift of self care with:

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here. Do you make Irish soda bread, boil cabbage, sing Too ra looradance a jig? I want to see your photos/videos. Share on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram!

May the luck o’ the Irish be with you!


Xo, Mo ☘️

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