Grain-free MORSELS & homemade analgesic cream

Happy Morselicious Monday and Blooming June!

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We are excited to announce our new Paleo-friendly/grain-free MORSELICIOUS Treats & Mix including a new logo and resealable bags.  Everything is still NON-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, NO added sugar, NO added sodium AND now Grain-free! Perfect for those following the Whole-30 or Paleo lifestyle.  Whee!  Stay tuned.

new Mac-n-Mo’s logo

Thank you today to my special guest, Eliza Aguedelo,  actress-writer-director-producer and maker of homemade cruelty-free products.    In addition to being vegan, Eliza strives toward living a creative zero waste lifestyle.

Mo:  What led you to start making your own skin and beauty care products at home?

Eliza:  I started reading all the ingredients in store-bought products and researched to find out what they do or don’t do for your skin. I loved the challenge at figuring out my own creation not to mention the fact that I save a lot of money. I also enjoy being able to pronounce and recognize my ingredients and sharing my knowledge with others.

I’ve researched items including Hyaluronic Acid, Aragon oil, Candelilla wax, and coconut butter. My recipe below is for an analgesic cream/gel,  Vegan, 100% organic and cruelty-free. It helps with sore muscles or joints, sort of like an icy/hot patch but in cream form.  I make this for my family,  too, including my mom. She has bad knees but leads an active life and she said that since she’s been using the cream, her knees don’t bother her anymore. That makes me happy!

Mo: What other products do you make at home?

Eliza: I’m still perfecting my anti-aging moisturizing face cream, it works great, but the texture is the biggest hurdle to overcome in creams when you don’t have all the resources the big companies do. I also make my own hand cream, Neosporin, deodorant, eye serum, toothpaste, vapor rub and other things.

Mo: How can my readers contact you?

Eliza: I love hearing from people who want to start making plant-based products at home.  Please contact me via elizaagudelo/elizaagudelo .

Thank you for sharing your Morselicious icy-hot recipe to soothe aches and pains.

INGREDIENTS: for a 2 oz. tin can (will have a little leftover)

1 Tsp Candelilla Wax
5 drops- Cassia (optional)
8 drops – Cinnamon
5 drops – Peppermint
5 drops – Spearmint
2 Tsp Coconut oil
½ to 1 Tsp- Aniroba Oil
½ Tsp – Menthol
6 drops – Clove oil
6 drops – Camphor oil
6 drops – Cajeput oil
4 drops – Vitamin E oil
5 drops – Helichrysum oil

*optional, a chunk of coconut butter

– Add all your base oils i.e coconut oil, Vit E, Aniroba Oil, Coconut Butter into a steam-based container (pyrex), include your menthol and vegan wax.
-Allow for everything to melt in medium to low heat.
in a small container (maybe 4oz to 8oz-depending on how much you’re making) add all your other ingredients and mix well.
-Once your oils have melted along with every single bead of wax, carefully transfer to the separate container that has all of the essential oils. mix with a small wooden spoon ( i use a Popsicle stick).
-Once well-mixed transfer to its final container and let cool so it can solidify.
-Seal and put away in a cool place.


2 thoughts on “Grain-free MORSELS & homemade analgesic cream”

  1. Mo:

    VERY exciting to learn about your new grain-free Morsels. Was wondering what they’re made with – coconut flour perhaps? And will they be in the usual flavors or only 1 of them?

    Do let me know. And thanks!!


    1. Morselicious Thanks, Debra!

      Yes, ingredients are; almond meal, coconut flour, unsweetened coconut, chia seeds and spices and we will have the MORSELICIOUS MIX, Chocolate Chip Morselicious Treats and Pumpkin Cranberry Morselicious Treats. xo

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