March 17 2011

The Irish & their grub

And a Top O’ the mornin’ to ya! Faith and Begorrah! When I was 11 years old, my parents took my sister and I to Ireland to visit our family’s heritage. During our visit to Ballyheague, we stayed with a family friend, Father O’Connor.  He had a pet Donkey, Tommy, whom my sister befriended.  One …

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March 14 2011

Happy Birthday, Ken!

Guess who’s going to get his AARP card in the mail?  The perpetually perfect, all-American boy wonder Barbie Ken hit the big 5-0 on March 11. I was shocked and amused when I read the headline, KEN TURNS 50 in Parade Magazine yesterday. My favorite childhood Barbie Doll’s boyfriend, Ken is turning 50!  I still …

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March 13 2011

Spring Forward!

It’s that time of year again.  While we lose an hour of sleep (boo), we gain an extra hour of daylight (yea)!   What will you do with the extra hour? Enjoy watching the sunset somewhere? Taking a nice walk after dinner or perhaps, before? Walking to the Movie Theatre?  Grocery Store? Local cafe?  Would …

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March 11 2011

Cookies vs. Morsels

We’ve all seen the ads for Price Comparison Shopping on clothing. How about Nutritional Comparison between so called “healthier” cookies and Mac-n-Mo’s Morsels? This Morselist went on a Bakery Shopping Spree and was shocked at what she found: Mentioning no specific brand names and only comparing higher end FRESH bakery cookies, (an ENTIRE box-One Dozen Morsels …

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March 10 2011

ANDI Top 10 Foods by Department (Whole Foods)

The ANDI Top 10 Foods list is available at your local Whole Foods and can be kept in your wallet as a great grocery shopping guide. This Morselist found the information invaluable and wanted to share with Mac-n-Mo’s Fans. ANDI stands for “Aggregate Nutrient Density Index” An Andi score shows the nutrient density of a …

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March 7 2011

Fat Tuesday Confession

During high school & college, every Fat Tuesday, my sister, friends and I would celebrate Fat Tuesday by baking, cooking & shopping for our favorite BINGE foods. Committing one of the seven deadly sins: Pure Gluttony before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, was this Catholic School Girls favorite ritual. Ahh..the joys of pigging out. We …

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March 5 2011

Excavate,embrace & express change…

What if you made a pact with yourself to make an attempt..just an attempt to try something new every week?   Making a fun game out of it is how I proceed:  ie. Each month, I pick a letter from the alphabet, for example, it’s March (National Nutrition Month) and I chose the letter N. Each …

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March 3 2011

Are you innovative?

Do you satisfy your cravings in a creative  or innovative manner? Or do you settle for the same ol’ humdrum (yes, I said “humdrum”) or “not so good for you” habits, snacks and routines?  Believe me, I understand the comfort zone; however, I thrive on exploring & creating.  Do you crave adventure or routine? Are …

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February 28 2011

It always seems impossible until it’s done..

Nelson Mandela quoted so eloquently…that spoke volumes to me today when I read it.  “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” So true.  Today Mac-n-Mo’s moved into the Freezer Aisle #6 at Vicente Foods and we practically SOLD OUT! Who’d have dreamt?  There are dreamers and there are doers.  I prefer dreamers who do. Nelson …

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February 27 2011

Brrrr…it’s chilly! What gifts do you have?

“Everyone is gifted. Some of us have not opened our present yet.” Yesterday, it snowed in Los Angeles! There are few things I never dreamed…1) snow in L.A. & 2) owning my own healthy baked goods company, carving a new path for eating treats! There are a few more, but that’s another blog!  The first …

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February 25 2011

Lights out for Easy-Bake Oven…

Did you read that Politicians have killed the traditional Easy-Bake Oven? The headline caught this nostalgic healthy red headed-blue eyed morselist! WHY? It turns out the oven’s heating element, a common 100 watt incandescent bulb, will be outlawed next year.  While I respect the efforts to respect our environment, I was sad to see my …

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February 23 2011

Mo, the Morselist’s First Blog Post

Hi Mac-n-Mo’s Fans! I am so excited to share things that inspire me and welcome your feedback & ideas you’d like to share with my readers. For those of you following me on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, you already receive Mac-n-Mo’s Tip O’ the Day Messages. I love inspiring quotes and ideas about healthy, yummy …

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