The dictionary defines consistency as follows:

– steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.:
There is consistency in his pattern of behavior.

– agreement, harmony, or compatibility, especially correspondence or uniformity among the parts of a complex thing:
consistency of colors throughout the house.

– the condition of cohering or holding together and retaining form; solidity or firmness.

Growing up, my best friend, Nani and I made a poster board for fun and called it “CONSISTENCY IS KEY!”

We were actually ahead of our time creating visualization boards and though our younger sisters thought we were geeks, we were determined and passionate about foraging our path towards consistency.

We knew what we wanted in our lives and we also knew staying consistent was our biggest challenge. We made endless pacts and tried new endeavors, read a ton of books, explored new exercises, made lists of things we wanted to do in life, in school, after school.

Whenever we’d get off track, we’d remind each other; “CONSISTENCY!” I kept my poster in my bedroom.

It’s funny- when we were in 2nd grade, we made fake ID cards with a typed list of ALL the LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE books we’d read and glued
our school picture next to the list. We were so proud of our OFFICIAL I.D.’s and kept them in our homemade quilted purses. Again, our younger sisters thought we were the biggest NERDS!

Do you see the pattern here? Though we may have been nerds, we were CONSISTENT.

I’m not saying you have to be a nerd to be consistent. But there is something very valuable at staying true to who you are in your core while going after your dreams and goals. Maybe it’s a healthy lifestyle you crave. Or a more eco-friendly home/office?

More love and fun in your life. More creativity. More financial freedom. More free time.

How do you stay on track?
What is your biggest challenge?

Please share your thoughts & tips about staying consistent.

This Morselist believes consistency is stronger than moments of greatness.

Have a Morselicious Monday!!!

6 thoughts on “Consistency”

  1. Consistency in the form of perseverance, as my fellow Morselist writes, has actually been shown to be a greater indicator of professional success than intelligence.

    I believe this is not only because of the benefits of being consistent but also because consistency, when taken from the perpective of the relationships in one’s life, is being a person of your word.

    This is the key.

  2. I absolutely agree with Alison (try not to get overwhelmed with the big picture..)! Small and steady can certainly yield big results over time – like the Tortoise (and the Hare).

  3. My biggest challenge with consistency is in not getting overwhelmed about the big picture of a goal I want to achieve. Small, steady steps and focus on the moment – and not judging myself harshly when i slip up – are the keys for me.

    Consistency has a lot in common with perseverance – a quality I feel is so important in life, and at all stages of life.
    Happy Monday!

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