It’s mo’ easy bein’ green…

My aunt, Jo Jo and I had a few things in common with Kermit the Frog.

The first, our nicknames were Froggy. The second, we LOVED green. Third, one of our favorite songs was Kermit’s theme song, “It’s not easy bein’ green.”Β 

Well, this Green Morselist has discovered through the years, that it’s MO’ easy bein’ green than ever. The First Annual Green City Fair at Treepeople was held yesterday and what a turn out!

So inspiring to see and meet so many like-minded environmental enthusiasts and doers. These were people who truly” walked their walk” and were open to learning even more.

There was a ZERO WASTE GOAL challenge and I’m pretty sure we met it.

There were Compost Bins, Recycle Bins, Landfill Bins and workshops galore. No plastic bottles were allowed, which I LOVED!

Here are a few tips to live energy-smart that we can all do starting today:

1) Get a water filter or Brita and STOP buying bottled water, refill your BPA free stainless steel reusable bottles.

2) Unplug your electronics when not in use, even when turned off. (ie. coffee pots, hair dryers)

3) Replace lights with energy-efficient Energy-Star-qualified compact flourescent (CFL) bulbs.

4) Turn off the faucet when brushing teeth and fill up the sink when doing dishes. Don’t let the water trickle unnecessarily.

5) Reserve your washing machine AND dishwasher until off-peak hours- before noon or after 6pm.

6) Reduce, Reuse & Recycle (I use both sides of my paper for note pads, printing documents that don’t need to be on a clean sheet of paper) BIG Paper Saver!

7) Bring reusable bags when shopping. It’s so simple and saves so many resources.

8) Try to eat at least one meal a day lower on the food chain. If you are so inspired, try it for two meals a day. Just try it.

9) Shop, eat, support local whenever possible.

10) Make GREEN your favorite color or at least be proud of BEIN’ GREEN!

Please share your ideas and tips and let’s make it MO‘ easy bein’ green!

4 thoughts on “It’s mo’ easy bein’ green…”

  1. Wonderful tips Maura! Right on. It really is easier than ever to be green these days. And I can always use the reminder to use less tap water… thanks!

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