May 28 2011

Wishes, plans and goals, oh my!

:A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery This fantastic quote is from The Little Prince, and though, it is not on my Top 13 […]

May 27 2011


Mac-n-Mo’s Tip O’ the day: COMMIT It’s Friday! Yea! Any fun Memorial Day Weekend Plans? Remember, it’s just as important to take some time, quality time, for yourself, as it […]

May 26 2011

Jury Appreciation Week

May 12, 2011. The day I completed my civic duty as an American Citizen by serving on Jury Duty at the Los Angeles Superior Court. It also happened to be […]

May 25 2011

Lessons taught by my 8th grade “Lil Sis” via her Pre-School Lil Sis

Meni, as her 4 year old sister calls her, has taught me so many things in the almost 7 years we’ve been together as a match via Big Brothers Big […]

May 23 2011

Monday Morse LIST Favorite Work Outs

Monday’s are usually our toughest day to get motivated to move. We had our weekend to chill out. Hopefully we were able to steal a little time for ourselves, decompress, […]

May 22 2011


Many of you have asked what are Morselicious Treats? Our response: a fun way to describe Mac-n-Mo’s delicious morsels So, in our own Mac-n-Mo’s Dictionary, Morselicious is defined as: -a […]

May 21 2011

Too much chi chia…

You know the saying and philosophy, “too much of a good thing is, well, sometimes just too much?” Ok, so I altered it a tad to illustrate my tale. My […]

May 20 2011

Quote for a healthy life!

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces-just good food from fresh ingredients.” -Julia Child Happy Friday my favorite Morsel-ites!

May 19 2011

No good-good-doer’s

To quote from the musical, WICKED, “no good deed goes unpunished.” Ah the irony and truth. That’s been my experience mo’ often than not, lately. There are too many for […]

May 18 2011

Weight Conscious or Health Conscious?

14 Foods That Won’t Spike Your Blood Sugar Here are a list of 14 foods that won’t spike blood sugar, courtesy of PREVENTION Magazine. Great for diabetics & for all […]

May 17 2011

Practice Makes Progress

We all know the famous saying, “practice makes perfect.” I’ve always preferred Mary Poppins quote, “practically perfect in every way.” What took the cake or “morsel” for this Morselist, was […]

May 16 2011

The Morsel List’s Favorite Books

As promised, The Morsel LIST is in session. Here are the Morselist’s 13* Favorite Books: 1) Galway Bay by Mary Pat Kelly 2) Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin 3) Like […]
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