Just ask

“Ask and you shall receive,” the famous adage simply states.

My mom and dad had their own take and drilled it into my every pore.

“If you don’t ask, the answer will still be NO.”

That philosophy has guided me through most of my life. What’s the worst that will happen if we ask for what we want?

The answer might be “NO.”

What’s the best that will happen?

The answer might be “YES!”

You might actually get what you want or MORE! What a gift!

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends was offered a job, but it was not an ideal proposal, and she struggled with the offer.

“What should I do?  I can’t afford to take the offer. I need more hours. I need x amount of a monthly salary to meet my bills, YET this company is incredible and I  really connected with the people in the office.”

As we weighed the pros and the cons, it was pretty clear, she could not afford her monthly expenses with the offer on the table, but I could see she really wanted this job. I suggested she share her enthusiasm about the job, the company and her bottom line salary-wise.

Just be completely honest and direct and ASK!

She was so nervous, but I convinced her the answer was already NO since she couldn’t afford to take the job. The worst that would happen is they wouldn’t be able to match her bottom line.

She decided to call the next morning with her “counter-offer.” Guess what?

She got more than she even dreamed. Not only did they match her bottom line, they added full-time benefits, 401K, and an expense account.   She called me on CLOUD NINE and truly sounded like a different person from the night before.

“I never dreamed they would actually say, YES! Thanks for encouraging me to ask.”

It was a glorious transformation and proof in this Morselist’s mind that if we merely ask for what we want we just might get it.

Try asking today and please share your comments.

8 thoughts on “Just ask”

  1. Great post! Absolute proof that so many of our obstacles are self-imposed. I’ve neglected to ask more times than I can count. A high-earning salesman friend of mine has the same philosophy (though more sports-oriented) “100% of shots you don’t take, don’t go in.” He *always* asks (for the deal, for the close, for the discount, etc.). His success is proof that it works. As you say, Mo, “The answer is already no”, so why not ask?

  2. Great approach! Love that ‘the answer is already NO!’
    Determine what you need/want….then ask for it. Counteroffers are usually expected….and offer opportunity to compromise a win-win. Congrats

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