Be the solution…

Life will always present obstacles, challenges…PROBLEMS.

We’ve all learned that. The big question is how can we SOLVE the problem? Or maybe the bigger question is changing our thinking that we are able to solve the problem.

It’s easy to dwell in the problems and trust me, there is a time and place for that.

We need to honor the curve balls life throws our way; however, the key is to

1) take it in,

2) figure out a way to either avoid the curveball

3) catch the curveball and turn it into a fun game

4) catch the curveball and turn it into a HOME RUN!

OK, I’m not an expert in sports, but you get the gist. Right?! Or think of the problem as a PUZZLE.

Don’t we all love to solve puzzles? Or at least feel a sense of accomplishment when we do?

Case in point, Mac-n-Mo’s started out of creating (finding) a solution to my Dad’s cravings and dietary restrictions.

Fact:  Dad craved baked treats.

Fact:  Dad was restricted on sugar, sodium, and fat intake.

Fact: Everything we found in stores either had too much salt

or too much sugar or too much fat.

Fact:  The one product we found that met his dietary guidelines tasted “like cardboard.”

Challenge/Problem:  How in the world does one create a baked treat without sugar, salt, butter that still tastes good and is moist?


Fact:  It’s a lot of work and frustrating.

Anything worth its grain of NO SODIUM SEASONING is.

Fact:  There is nothing more exciting than finding a solution to a problem. (OK, maybe exciting is a bit over the top, how about satisfying?)

Fact:  If we all worked towards finding a solution or rather, BEING the solution, think of the inner power you will gain.  Imagine a world filled with PROBLEM SOLVERS instead of Willy Whiners (not weiner’s…whiner’s)

What problem can you solve today? It could be as simple as finding that lost sock that disappeared in your dryer last night or as complex as creating the next major patent for computer software.

Refresher: Learning from our mistakes

Remember the POST IT Notes were created as a mistake. Instead of being thrown away, they used them as scratch pads.

What a success that became.

Don’t throw away your ideas.

They are your ticket to creativity and empowerment.

Please share ANY problems you have solved this week, this month, this year…heck, this lifetime!

Have a Morselicious Day my Problem Solving Morselites!!

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  1. It all depends on your frame of reference doesn’t it…is it a problem or challenge? Do you give up or think outside the box for a solution? Thanks for the post…people are always more capable than they might think!

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