This is how the MORSEL crumbles

As I’ve written in previous blogs and I’m sure most of us can relate, there are days, possibly weeks or months, we question why we do what we do.  Are we following our true path?

Do we even have a path or are we spinning in a vicious cycle?
When I first moved to Los Angeles,  I had an analogy that life here was like a giant whirlpool and once we’re in it, we just keep spinning and spinning, but once we get out for a moment or two, it’s the most unappealing pool of water to jump or dive back into.
Embarking on my new business has proven this theory or analogy ten-fold. There are days, heck, weeks, where I question what I’m doing carving a path for healthy snack/treat alternatives.  I’m not just another Cookie Company on the market.
I’m actually creating a new brand/term/way of eating snacks & treats and NOT everyone “gets” it or cares.  In fact, some people are even offended.
Throughout my Morsel Tastings, I’ve met a number of diverse people and a few have left quite an impression, both good and not so good.
One woman, whom I will call “Sally” immediately started a tirade when I corrected her by saying, “Mac-n-Mo’s are NOT cookies because they do not have sugar, salt, eggs, butter.. they are a CLEAN/healthy alternative for people who can’t or don’t want to eat that stuff.”
“Sally” barked, “All this baloney talk about people who believe what you put in your body affecting health is exhausting and ridiculous!  There’s nothing wrong with eating sugar, salt, eggs, butter and whatever the hell else you want to shove into your mouth!”
I took a moment and pondered, should I simply nod and smile and let her continue her tirade or state my truth?
I decided to do the latter and responded, “I respectfully disagree and have witnessed and read too much to believe otherwise, which is why I created these morsels and started my own business. However, I understand these are not for everyone and believe me, there are plenty of the sugary/sodium cookies on the shelves for you to choose.”  Oddly enough, she would not leave my Tasting Table and kept asking to try different flavors, yet continued to vent.  After a few more minutes, she ventured off.
This left me feeling pretty frustrated and that little voice began questioning, “Why are you doing this again?  It’s an impossible path and the reason no one has carved it yet is exactly why you should STOP!”
A few days earlier, I had shared a few samples with Sam, a man, who seemed to “get” what I was doing. He later sent me a list of snacks under 200 calories, which included tons of JUNK FOOD. Clearly NOT getting what I’m trying to accomplish.  I want to educate and share my creation of CLEAN-WHOLE food snacks, NOT diet food filled with fake fillers and chemicals.  More disenchantment on my end.
I continued to debate these thoughts when out of the blue, a young guy approached and asked, “What’s Mac-n-Mo’s?”
I began my story about why I created the morsels and that Mac is my Dad, a diabetic & heart patient.
Steven excitedly jumped in. “So is my Dad and my Grandfather and I need to watch my salt & sugar intake. Can I please try?”
He first tasted the Peanut Butter Spice Morsel and exclaimed, “Mmm…how did you get these to be so moist? WOW! The things I buy for my Dad and Grandpa are so dry and I can’t stand to eat them.”
My entire energy began to shift into inspiration and genuine enthusiasm.  Steven tried all 3 flavors and bought 6 dozen on the spot and his excitement brought more people over to my table, and I SOLD OUT!
People like Steven are the exact reason I’m doing what I do and he reminded me ever so graciously to continue carving my path and while it is not an easy-linear one, it is worthwhile. I’m doing it for the people who “get it” and need it.
There have been other amazing people I’ve met like, Phil from Eagle Rock, Kristy from Pasadena, Marc from Glendale, Chuck from Studio City, Lindsay from West L.A., Brad from Sherman Oaks and Stephanie from Santa Monica.  All of these wonderful people have shared incredible stories with me and we’ve exchanged recipes and ideas.  While I know not everyone will like or love what I’m doing or Mac-n-Mo’s Morsels, I must thank Sally and Sam for testing me.  These obstacles serve a purpose even if it’s not clear right away.  If the path was easy, someone else would have carved it for me.  My challenge is to find my own way to carve. I have the tools. I just need to hone my technique.
Thank you to my heroes for giving me reason & purpose to chip away and to enlighten, “THIS IS HOW THE MORSEL CRUMBLES!”

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  1. Hi there,
    I know EXACTLY what you mean! Came across your site through a blogger. Best of luck in your adventure.

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