A Curvy Path

My co-host, Jaime of the new “Jaime & Mo Show” and I were hiking – shooting a promo with our awesome producer, Dave, this morning and we started discussing life and our unique paths.

She likened our life’s goals to a GPS System, that if you plug in your destination, your job is to simply drive.  If you take a wrong turn, the GPS will
set you back on track.
This made oodles of sense to me as I have always been in awe of what
God must see looking down on me and my crazy life and all my “detours.”
It has been my fantasy/dream that at the end of my life, I will
be able to watch my life on God’s TV or VCR…rewinding the tape
or in more modern times, rewinding the DVR and suddenly all my crazy
paths will make sense. A real “AHA!” moment!
Have you ever experienced something that did not meet your expectations and disappointed you but then later, sometimes years later, you realize everything really does happen for a reason?
Maybe you met a special person at a less than successful event or party?
Someone who helped change your life or got you inspired/thinking….DOING?!
I can’t begin to share how many times this has happened to me and I’m certain we can ALL relate.
What curvy path has your life taken? Where has it taken you so far?
If you have an end goal or destination you really crave/strive for/desire, are you able to trust you will get there, eventually?  Maybe not in the time line you were hoping and maybe not from Point  A to Point B,
but like in my life, thus far, I’ve gone from A to P to D to X and working my way on a pretty wild roller coaster.  And, wow, what a ride!

2 thoughts on “A Curvy Path”

  1. What a great hike it was! The GPS analogy, which I think is totally brilliant and life-affirming, comes from a wonderful book I am reading called ‘Manifesting Change.’ by Mike Dooley. I highly recommend it. It is easier to enjoy the twists and turns in life when viewing the universe as your trusty GPS:)

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