April’s Foolin’ MESSage!

Happy April, Mac-n-Mo’s Fans!

Are you planning any fun April Fool’s jokes today?  As a kid, this was one of my FAVORITE days! I couldn’t wait to play jokes on my family and get away with it by smiling and cheering, “APRIL FOOL’S!”  My antics grew old year after year, but they ALWAYS fell for it!  My jokes became more and more creative, which is my MESSage today.  This past week has been extremely challenging and I was ready to throw in my Morsel Towel a number of times.

So many obstacles to overcome, different tastes to please, and opinions coming at me from all directions like shooting stars!  After an exhausting 84 hours of feeling STUCK, I sat quietly for a few minutes and asked myself, “why did I start baking Mac-n-Mo’s?”  The answer was clear.  “I loved the challenge of creating a healthy  tasty treat my Dad could eat and I wanted to eat.” I have come to realize why NO one has carved this path yet. It’s friggin’ hard to re-train the way people think of snacks & treats and to sell baked goods SANS preservatives. However, I thrive on challenges and finding solutions!

Back to my brainstorm:  I LOVE to create, so I went to my Test Kitchen and began creating & developing new recipes.  Completely Gluten-Free (no controversial Oats in the mix). Baking with new ingredients, playing with unique spices and measurements. The result:  A Super-low cal-NUTRI-TASTIC  Peanut Butter Spice Morsel, with only 2.6 carbs, 0 sugar, 0 sodium, VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE!  I was sooooo excited I couldn’t sleep!  My loyal test tasters were thrilled, and I was back “in the kitchen saddle” again!

I used my mess to send a MESSage.  Creativity is this Morselist’s driving force. I have added a new title to my name: A RECIPE DEVELOPER!   So, watch out, I may use my creativity and develop a Happy April Fool’s Wish for you today!

Have a great one!

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