My cup runneth over…

OK, I’ve been living an environmentally conscious lifestyle since college in the 90’s

and I decided to step it up a notch.
Before my neighborhood had a Recycling Program, I would collect all my papers, plastics, cans, etc and drive 10 miles just to get them to a Recycle Bin. No money rebates, just doing good for Mother Earth.
I used a Recyclable Water Bottle before it was “fashionable.”  I have always driven
Gas Friendly Compact Cars, been an avid Power Walker, limit my water usage, use green cleaning supplies, don’t buy products with excessive packaging, bring my own canvas bags to grocery stores, reuse my tupperware for home made on-the-go lunches…you get the idea.
One afternoon, I received  some Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene Cup-Like Product Samples- an alternative to tampons.  Interesting.
These “cups”  are designed to last 12 hours without the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome and are easier on the environment.  Double duty!  Sure, I thought, I’ll give it a shot!
Without going into too much detail, the application was a tad confusing, but I
figured it out. Or so, I thought.
12 hours- no worries. I had a busy day ahead and was excited I would not have
to think about changing my tampon.
Come on,  gals, you know what I’m talking about. Sorry guys!
So, off with my day:
I had a number of appointments and wore my light pink floral skirt & white shirt.
You know where this is going, don’t you?
The check off list on the product insert was spot-on, so far.
– Does not contain residues of pesticides or bleach
– Not linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
– Does not alter the body’s natural PH or bacteria levels
– Does not cause irritation or dryness
– Can not be felt while wearing
Now, here’s where it got sticky.
– Can be worn up to 12 hours
During my 3rd hour of running around appointment after appointment, I
skipped to the loo, and lo and behold to my horror & shock (NOT
Toxic Shock, just humiliating shock), I had leaked all over my
pink floral skirt!  This had not happened to me since high school
in my Catholic School Girl Uniform Grey Herringbone Skirt, a much
darker & more discreet color.  Now what?  What was I going to do?
I was mortified and had 3 more appointments ahead of me.
There was NO way I would continue this way. I would need to go home,  rinse everything
out and reschedule. And, that is what I did.  I ended up wasting
God knows how much water and laundry detergent (albeit eco friendly)
getting the stains out. Was this the most eco friendly option for this
Morselist?? I think not.
I don’t want to name the company, because I like what they are
attempting to do, in theory, and hope they will master their
product so this doesn’t happen to another “good green consumer.”
But for now, I’ll stay true to O.B. and continue my “eco friendly”
lifestyle in other ways.
Does anyone else have a similar story to share? Please leave your comments here.
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