Humility and Gratitude

Happy Morselicious Monday. Words can not begin to express my incredible humbling gratitude to everyone who rushed to care and support me during the Skirball Wildfire near my home forcing mandatory evacuation before 6:20 a.m. Not only did my amazing friends offer their homes, clothes, meals, care packages including toiletries, tea, dark chocolate socks, lotion, dental floss, shoulders to lean on and endless hugs. You name it, I was well cared for, unconditional boundless love. I’m not sure this post will make a lot of grammatical sense as I am going on 5 nights of no sleep, but my heart is clear and I am blessed.

As someone with a well prepared emergency kit and plan, none of that entered my mind at 6:20am when they banged on my front door to evacuate immediately, helicopters swirling above, fire engine sirens screaming, neighbors rushing,  slamming doors.  While I didn’t feel panicked, I was in a molasses state-of-shock as I grabbed a few things visible as I left;  pieces of clothing, a Delicata Squash, a bag of coffee beans, my lunch, laptop,  purse, glasses.  Items I forgot; my contact lens case, toothpaste, face cream, socks, important documents, clothes…never did I imagine I would be out of my home for multiple nights/days, let alone the idea I could  lose everything.  

Having said this, I was always 100% aware of what I DID have; my life, my loving family (out of town), my amazing friends (my adopted family) and so much more.  

A few special besties and first responders rushed to my aid before I was even in the car;  Suzy, Nat, Nolan, Dave, Lucy, Annie, Tara, Kiira, Sam, Jennie, Kevin, Alison, Zaki, Edie. I will NEVER forget your compassion and unending generosity.  Store employees whom, when I walked into buy a few necessities, in a discombobulated state, gave me travel sized samples, a place to sit, use their wifi whileI tried to process everything, keeping an eye on the billowing smoke as the flames enveloped the sky from 7 miles away, not knowing if my neighborhood and home would survive.  Later,  more friends discovered the fire location, they, too, offered their homes, clothes, food.  Living 6 hours from my mom, dad and sister, we all felt overwhelmingly blessed as I was very well cared for.  And the true heroes, who put their lives on the line every single day, are our local Los Angeles Fire Department.  They saved our lives, pets, homes. It has been an emotional, surreal experience and my heart is heavy for those still displaced and in immediate danger. I will do all I can to give back to these communities and our LAFD, who are temporarily stationed next door as I write this. Spreading holiday love by giving back is more palpable this season and I hope to encourage you to join me in spreading the generosity.

One of my besties 16 year daughter made a gorgeous coffee crumble cake for the local fire department as a thank you for all the lives and homes they have saved.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For a little holiday sparkle, here is one of the outfits personally styled by Kiira and Tara, clean socks and other necessities by Suzy, making sure to sprinkle some Morselicious green for Mo.  I LOVE YOU ALL and wish you a Merry Morselicious Holiday!



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4 thoughts on “Humility and Gratitude”

  1. mo, i’m so glad you are ok! i didn’t know you were so close to the fire and needed to be evacuated. good that you’re getting well taken care of, too. i have a bunch of friends in CA, and know of at least one other that has evacuated. it’s hard to know what to offer to help. please let me know if there is something specific you need that i can provide. take good care!

    1. Thank you very much, Jill! I am safe and sound for now. All I can tell you is to be there to lend an ear or shoulder for your friends. It is beyond comforting during this very unsettling time. xoxo

  2. Ann Ryerson Hall

    Oh Maura, this brought tears to my eyes!

    I myself was housing our friend Sara Altshul (and her two cats, and on the first night…a dog). Sara lives in Ojai. She stayed with us for 3 nights, then returned home (her job is in Ojai), then had to be evacuated again on Saturday night! My friend Miriam had to be evacuated, as did another close friend.

    I love that you found support and love in the middle of this horrendous crisis. Bless you. Annie Ryerson Hall

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