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Thank you, Jeff Davis from GoGreenAmerica for sharing his MORSELICIOUS post- 15 of his favorite Superfoods, mine, too, for the record! 🙂

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15 Go Green Superfoods that I love to add to my daily diet


What is a Superfood?

A superfood is a food rich in phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are naturally occurring chemicals that are usually found in the coloring agent of many whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Another great element of superfoods is that while they are low in calorie content, they are high in nutrients. Superfoods containing Phytochemicals can help reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol,reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, or in some other way contribute to a person being healthier.

You can’t go wrong including these amazing foods in your smoothies, salads or in most any meal plan.

The great thing about superfoods is that they can accompany other healthy foods for delicious and nutritious meals, side dishes, snacks, etc…

Superfoods are not foods with special powers, just foods to add to your daily diet to boost your nutrition.

You still need the basics, just give your diet a boost by adding some of these on a regular basis.

Here are some of my favorite superfoods and a list of their proposed benefits:

Walnuts –

  • Walnuts are rich sources of Vitamin B and E, calcium, manganese, potassium, and protein. This super food is considered to be food for the brain and improves brain function significantly.
  • These nuts contain alpha linoleic Omega 3 fatty acids, which curb food cravings and aid weight loss.
  • FDA recommends eating a handful of walnuts everyday to lower LDL levels and to improve overall lipid profile.
  • Walnuts are effective in preventing depression and anxiety and regulating blood sugar levels in people suffering from diabetes.
  • Walnuts are very powerful antioxidants and possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Nuts are an excellent source of protein, fiber and vitamin E. Walnuts are the only nuts that contain a significant amount of omega-3s, and are known for their high antioxidant activity. Eat them by the handful, toss them on salads


Almonds –

  • A handful of almonds consumed daily aid weight loss, regulate blood pressure, and bring down the chances of coronary heart disease.
  • Almond helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels and improves lipid profile.
  • Almonds are a good source of Vitamin B2, E, copper, manganese, and potassium.
  • The presence of flavonoids in almonds prevents the growth of tumor cells in the prostate and lungs.
  • Almonds also assist in stabilizing blood sugar levels and are therefore beneficial for diabetics.


  • Honey is an energy booster. A teaspoon of honey with lemon water on an empty stomach kicks up the metabolic rate and boosts weight loss. Replacing sugar in drinks with honey makes a person feel vibrant throughout the day.
  • Honey possesses anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties that can improve your digestive processes and boost immunity.
  • Honey is useful for treating hangovers and sore throats.
  • A glass of warm milk with honey at night helps fight insomnia.
  • When taken with apple cider vinegar, honey helps fight migraines, stomach disorders, and constipation.
  • Honey applied to the skin yields a supple, softer, and glowing complexion.


Spinach –

  • Lutein present in spinach prevents the occurrence of cataract and strengthens the eye muscles.
  • Spinach is loaded with flavonoids that posses antioxidant properties and are useful in preventing various forms of cancer, including prostate cancer.
  • Spinach contains high levels of potassium and low sodium content, which makes it a perfect food for people suffering from heart ailments and high blood pressure.
  • A bowl of raw spinach contains only about 40 calories and has more fiber than lettuce.
  • Spinach contains vitamin K, which strengthens your bone and teeth.


Quinoa –

  • Quinoa contains 12-15% more proteins than either rice or wheat and is packed with all the 8 essential amino acids.
  • Quinoa is gluten free. Therefore, it is an ideal carbohydrate for individuals suffering from Celiac disease.
  • Quinoa contains high levels of proteins, Vitamin E, B1, iron, and phosphorus.
  • Quinoa has a low glycemic index, making it ideal for weight watchers and diabetics.
  • Quinoa is also a good source of calcium, folate, zinc, and other essential minerals needed for good skin, hair, and a healthy heart.


Pomegranate –

  • Pomegranate is one of the best known antioxidant sources and flushes out harmful toxins from the body, resulting in a slimmer body and shiny skin.
  • The juice of this fruit prevents the formation of skin, breast, and prostate cancer.
  • Drinking pomegranate juice is vital for the prevention of dental plaque.
  • People who drink 2 ounces of pomegranate juice daily experience lower levels of LDL and are able to regulate their blood pressure levels.
  • Pomegranate prevents the onset of Alzheimer diseases and osteoarthritis.


Broccoli –

  • Broccoli is effective in preventing various types of cancers including breast cancer, uterus cancer and cancer of the lungs, colon, kidneys, liver, etc.
  • Broccoli is known for its detoxification properties because it is packed with sulphur, amino acids, and vitamin C.
  • Broccoli is a rich source of fiber that helps in treating all kinds of stomach disorders.
  • It has good antioxidant properties.
  • The presence of Beta Carotene, Zeaxanthin, phosphorus, and Vitamins A, E & C in broccoli makes it excellent for ocular health.
  • Broccoli should be included in the diet for building strong bones and for boosting immunity.


Kale –

  • Similar to any other super food, kale is loaded with vitamin A, B complex, and C. It is also a powerful antioxidant.
  • One portion of kale is equal to just about 36 calories and can fulfill your Vitamin A needs for the entire day. It is also rich in beta carotene and enhances vision.
  • It is a rich source of minerals like copper, calcium, iron, and manganese.
  • t is rich in dietary fiber and contributes to effective weight loss.
  • Kale is anti-inflammatory and prevents skin diseases.


Blueberry –

  • Blueberries are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and anthocyanin.
  • They help in removing toxins and supply all the essential nutrients to the body.
  • The fruit improves urinary tract health.
  • Blueberries prevent aging by neutralizing the free radicals in the body.
  • They provide a boost to the immune system.
  • They help in effective weight loss.


Cacao Beans –

  • Adding cacao beans in your diet helps in removing toxins from your body.
  • Healthy diets with sufficient amount of cacao aid weight loss.
  • Cacao is a powerful antidepressant.
  • Cacao is also well known for preventing cardiovascular disease.
  • The fruit of the plant is believed to be a great aphrodisiac.


Coconut –

  • Coconut contains copper and vitamin C, a perfect combination of elements to keep the skin flexible and elastic.
  • Coconut contains essential minerals such as iron, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium that help in building strong bones, regulating blood sugar levels, and relaxing the mind and body.
  • Selenium present in coconut helps in reducing joint inflammation, thereby helping patients suffering from arthritis.
  • People who suffer from frequent stomach upsets should drink coconut water regularly since it cools the stomach and improves digestion.
  • The fiber present in coconut curbs food cravings and thus aids weight loss.


Avocado –

  • Avocado contains oleic acid, which prevents breast cancer. Avocado consumption also decreases the chances of oral cancer and prostate cancer.
  • The presence of folate in this fruit reduces the chances of strokes.
  • Gluthathione present in avocado is a good antioxidant that slows down aging, promotes good heart health, and prevents the growth of cancer cells.
  • Avocado contains 60% more potassium than a banana, has natural oils that help in restoring a natural glow to the skin, and prevents hair breakage.
  • Beta sitosterol, which is present in avocado, helps in lowering bad cholesterol or LDL levels.
  • The carotenoid luetin in avocado is beneficial for ocular health as it protects the eyes against several age related diseases like muscular degeneration and cataract.


Sweet Potato –

  • Sweet potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing conditions such as colon cancer, asthma, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Vitamin A in sweet potato makes it ideal for people who smoke and are suffering from lung problems and emphysema.
  • Sweet potato is low in fat, rich in fiber, and has a low glycemic index, making it the ideal food for dieters and diabetics.Sweet potato is useful in treating an inflamed colon and stomach ulcers.
  • The high fiber content in this vegetable makes it useful for preventing hemorrhoids.
  • Loaded with minerals and vitamins, this is an ideal food for individuals involved in high intensity work.


Sprouts –

  • As compared to dried seeds, sprouts have 15% lesser calories and carbohydrate content but 30% more proteins, 34% more calcium, and a significant increase of over 200% in Vitamin A, E, B1,B2, B3 and C content. Therefore, sprouts are indeed a dieter’s delight.
  • Their high sodium content aid quicker digestion.
  • They are powerful antioxidants and slow down the aging process by preventing DNA destruction.
  • Sprouts contain saponins that reduce LDL levels, thereby preventing cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis. Saponins also boost immunity.
  • Sprouts are good sources of amino acids that increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis.


Buckwheat –

  • Rich in fiber content and aids weight loss.
  • Prevents the formation of gallstones.
  • Helps in keeping the blood sugar levels in check and is extremely useful for diabetic patients.
  • Regulates the level of cholesterol in the body.
  • Keeps blood pressure at optimum level and promotes cardiovascular health.


Green Tea –

  • Drinking green tea regularly detoxifies the body, regulates the metabolic processes, and assists faster weight loss.
  • Green tea contains fluorides, and a regular cup of tea prevents degeneration of teeth, enamel deposits, and improves overall oral hygiene.
  • Catchins present in this beverage not only stop the growth of cancer cells, but also kills them.
  • Green tea helps in increasing HDL cholesterol levels, assists in the free flow of blood, prevents the thickening of arteries, and improves heart health.
  • A daily cup of green tea helps in regulating blood sugar levels.


Get creative and please share some of your favorite superfoods and superfood recipes in the comments,

We would love to know how you use them in your daily diet.

GGATVnewlogo2Until Next time, Go Green America and Eat Healthy.

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Benefit information ref. –  http://superfoodlists.com/



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    Have a MORSELICIOUS Monday!

  2. This is a great post! I am so happy I actually subscribed to receive a post from you every Monday! It really is a great start to my week. Regarding a favorite superfood recipe, I love eating sliced avocado with lemon juice and cayenne pepper on it! It’s spicy and refreshing! Originally, I used ground pepper instead of cayenne pepper, but after reading your last post on the benefits of cayenne pepper, I have since changed the recipe! Thanks!

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