Work it out Wednesday: Homemade Almond Cream & Spicier Cocoa

Happy Work it out Wednesday!
The Morselist is slowly getting back in the kitchen

now that dad is on his road to recovery after his recent

heart attack.  Thank you all again and again for your

incredible support and prayers!!

and since we all LOVE my simple CASHEW CREAM recipe

CLICK LINK BELOW for previous recipe post:

I decided to experiment with ALMONDS.


MORSELICIOUS Heaven and  so simple!
I soaked raw almonds  and water in a jar,

covered and soaked overnight in the refrigerator.

The next morning, I drained the water

and added fresh water (adding a little at a time

for my desired consistency, which was THICK)

and blended well.


I mixed it with hemp protein powder and some

cashew cream with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg

and spread over  brown rice cakes…a tasty snack.

You can also add to oatmeal, spread over

your MORESLICIOUS pancakes or muffins,

use as a dip…
I’m still experimenting…



Mo’s Spicier Cocoa


The Morselist is turning up the heat in her kitchen

And it’s sooo MORSELICIOUSLY tasty!

My amazing friend, Reece, gave me an

amazing gift box of scintillating spices!!

One of my FAVORITE gifts all year!

(OK, I know it’s still the first month of the year,

but TRULY!

And, I’ve been having a hay day-play day experimenting.

Ingredients for an even SPICIER COCOA

Refer to my previous blog- Work it out Wednesday & the sugar dilemma  
2 tablespoons unsweetened Cacao –Navitas Naturals

1 tablespoon lightly sweetened cocoa – Scharffen Berger

½ cup Unsweetened So Delicious Coconut Milk

add a splash more if you prefer a thinner consistency

dash of black pepper (YES, I wrote black pepper-trust me!)

dash of cayenne pepper –My Spice Sage

dash of cinnamon –My Spice Sage

Pour all of the above ingredients into a small saucepan

and stir over low heat for approximately 5-6 minute

until it becomes a thick-almost pudding like consistency.

I’ve learned that slow cooking really does make

EVERYTHING taste better.  I rarely use my microwave anymore.

It also forces you to SLOW down and SAVOR your food,

something the Morselist is constantly striving.

If you have a frother, and I strongly suggest getting one,

Thanks to my sister for the gift, froth it into

Foamy Frothy Fun!

Sprinkle with cacao nibs –Good Cacao

Sit somewhere satisfactory, savor and sip!


Love, your Morselist

p.s. Who wants some

Valentine’s Day Love

in a coupon?
Ask me...


9 thoughts on “Work it out Wednesday: Homemade Almond Cream & Spicier Cocoa”

  1. This sounds like MORSELICIOUS HEAVEN, Tara!
    I must check out cinnamon nuggets & the grinder…WOW!
    Thanks for sharing and you are welcome…I LOVE sharing
    healthy tips & recipes…and thanks for your well wishes for dad!

  2. I’ve been trying a suggestion of yours from months ago for a healthier hot chocolate: Whole Foods Wonder Cocoa with a dash of cinnamon. Recently a friend gave me a bottle of cinnamon nuggets that has it’s own grinder. Wow! Freshly ground cinnamon just has that added punch that really makes the cocao tasty! Thanks for the wonderful recipes. So glad to hear your dad is on the mend!

  3. Mo:

    Wanted to let you know about my own version of your amazing morsels! They don’t look like yours, but they are definitely yummy!

    To get the right consistency for your Pumpkin-Cranberry mix, I add a good 3/4 c. of liquid (sometimes more – it’s by feel). I usually add homemade applesauce (when I have it) – the chunky kind. I add some liquid from this.

    This last batch, I also added dried cranberries and about 2 T. of sunflower seeds. Pop in the oven, then voila! Instant YUM!

    Thanks for introducing me to these delicious, low calorie treats!


    1. My mouth is watering and your applesauce sounds MORSELICIOUS, Debra!
      Thanks so much for sharing your tips regarding
      Soo happy you are a fan!

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