Morselicious Monday & a Meatless Recipe


Did you have a grand weekend?
What did you do?

Please share!

I LOOOVE hearing Morselite Adventures..

sounds like a fun column, huh?

It was a cozy/rainy weekend here in L.A. and the
Morselist LOVED it!

Finally, we can wear sweaters and socks and scarves, OH MY!!!

Today is also WORLD DIABETES DAY!!
Please help spread awareness

Here’s a link to their site:

and a fantastic CONVERSATION with Dr. Neal Barnard

on the benefits & prejudices of eating a vegan diet. 

He states the 21 day TRIAL (again, my rule is 85/15)

Just more “food for thought!”


I have a brand new display at one of my stores:  in Santa Monica.

and I begin selling Mac-n-Mo’s in a stunning new
Natural Foods store in Calabasas tomorrow,

Sooo excited!!!

Dr. Oz said something I’d like to share:
“The healthier your diet, the better your skin looks.”

Who doesn’t want better looking skin?
So, let’s keep working on our healthy diet!



By the way, Dr. Oz also stated he starts every morning with

a smoothie. I wish I could get him one of my


Here’s another Morselicious Meatless Monday to share

Mo’s Acorn Squasherole

And a link to a contest to win my new e-cookbook!

Enjoy and please take photos of ANY

recipes you try from my cookbook or blog

and share.  I LOVE seeing your creations!


My goal is to reach 1000 fans by Thanksgiving

(also my birthday, hint, hint) if you have not done so

Already, please “LIKE”

Thank you and reminder:

DECEMBER 2 is my online store HOLIDAY order deadline!!!


6 thoughts on “Morselicious Monday & a Meatless Recipe”

  1. Dr Oz SHOULD try one of your smoothies!! And I agree with him that your diet is reflected on your face… Congrats on your new display at Copportunity–looks great!

  2. How cool, Reece!! Did you play the Rabbit? The Morselist is gearing up for a series of videos with The Blender Girl next weekend…testing lots o’ recipes! Stay tuned!!

  3. Okay – You’re talking about Morselite “Adventures” and I had to share this. 20 years ago, I did a series on the Disney Channel called “Adventures in Wonderland” (this is what prompted this post). This past weekend, four of the past cast members (finally) got together to catch up. As I am asking about all of the former members of the cast and what they are now doing I found out that the girl who played Alice (Elizabeth Harnois) is now on CSI (the original – Las Vegas). It’s funny because it’s one of the shows I watch and I didn’t recognize her! She is so grown up and has become such a good actress. It’s nice to see – although it makes me feel REALLY old.

    I’m curious about what healthy treats Mo is going to be making for Thanksgiving!! I would love to find out!

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