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Now, onto our Ask Nutri-Savvy Advice Friday with the

wonderful, Registered Dietitian, Lauren O’Connor:

Q.  HI Lauren & Mo, what do you think about this HCG Diet?

A.  Thank you for your question.

In case anyone hasn’t heard the hype: The HCG diet uses supplements and injections paired with severe caloric restriction for weight loss. HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced during pregnancy. As a prescription medication, HCG is mainly used for fertility issues. While this can produce desired results, at least for short term, this approach is not one I’d recommend at all. In fact, the FDA has NOT approved the use of this drug for treating obesity or weight control issues.

The truth is, weight loss is achieved through calorie deficit. So, a very low calorie diet no matter what you add to it (supplements, injections, lotions, teas) is likely what is really behind the weight loss. The HCG is just another diet fad that has reaped success merely because those on the diet are cutting their caloric intake sufficiently enough to lose the weight.

A word to the wise: One must be careful not to go too low. Very low calorie diets are restricting and will cause your metabolism to slow. You’ll likely experience a rebound in eating and thus the inevitable weight gain following – so long term results are unlikely. By simply reducing 500 calories from your daily needs, you can safely lose about a pound per week – and once you get your desired loss, you likely be able to maintain it if you have been following a healthy lifestyle.

Cut out 500 Calories a day. Consider the following examples and approximations:

  • Subtract 1 piece of bread (100 calories) You can choose to eat an open-face sandwich with lots of tasty veggies or choose a 100-calorie sandwich thin instead of your typical 2 slices of bread for your daily sandwich
  • Subtract 1 cup of milk or milk alternative (100 calories) by forgoing your morning latte (or reserve it for a weekend treat), and opting for a nice cup of green tea instead.
  • Subtract 1 Tablespoon of Butter (100 calories) – Perhaps you can live without this spread? Use no-salt seasoning, fresh herbs and lemon juice to add flavor instead
  • Subtract 1 Tablespoon of olive oil  (130 calories) You can shave nearly 100 calories by using 1-2 teaspoons rather than a typical 1 and 1/2 TBS saturating your salad)
  • Subtract your double portion of starch: ie rice (nearly 100 calories saved when you don’t double your portion. (You may be overdoing your portion sizes, double check it is not actually 1 cup instead of a 1/2 cup portion)
… isn’t that 500 calories you can easily live without?
FOCUS on LIMITING SUGARS! That’s both your natural fruit sugars and those added (look out for ‘hidden sugars‘). You may find weight loss success is a byproduct of opting for healthier intake. Read this article  from my Nutrisavvysblog for more details.

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  1. Thanks for the tips on reducing 500 calories…it should be do-able but always seems so daunting. Your suggestions help 🙂

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