Are you a gobbler or a sorter?

Do you gobble, gulp and guzzle?


Do you select, sort and savor?

I’ll admit, I strive for the latter, but have been guilty of the former. Mindful eating and taking the time to savor and enjoy meals is important and leads to a more satisfying and healthier lifestyle. Sitting down and giving thanks for the food in front of us sets the right tone.

Today, and tonight, observe how you eat.

Why not try eating a little earlier so that you’re not so hungry that you gobble from the pan while standing up as you serve yourself or your family? Not that I’ve ever done this. πŸ™‚

Or, make the plates pretty by arranging the color spectrum of veggies around your whole grains and protein? I’ve noticed that if I attempt to make a prettier presentation, I usually slow down and savor my meal more.

As always, please share your thoughts, tips and ideas for a more mindful and MORSELICIOUS way of eating.

10 thoughts on “Are you a gobbler or a sorter?”

  1. Great advice! It’s so hard to do – and I’m often guilty of sitting in front of the TV while eating (gasp!) or even working + eating at the same time. Not good.
    My holistic doc’s and naturopaths all suggest chewing each bite 100x before you swallow. Thought it seems a little excessive, it gets the point across that it’s important for your digestion to chew, chew, chew.
    Mindful eating really can and does change your relationship to food + eating. Gotta remember to do this more. Thanks!

  2. I’ve been guilty of the 3 G’s for a long time, although I strive to stick to the S’s as much as possible–to be more mindful before, during and after eating. We all know the difference b/t speeding through a meal and and savoring one. I’ve also become increasingly aware that eating a meal that was not prepared with mindfulness can be a different experience.
    There is an expression used in Hawaii– “made with aloha.”
    I try to prepare my food “from the heart” and try to go to restaurants where they do the same!

  3. I stopped in the Co-Op late last night to get my fix of Pumpkin Cranberry Morsels, and for sure I was going to have only three with a little almond milk, and before I even parked my car, the whole box was gone! What’s up with that?

  4. This is where I’m hoping yoga helps! I’m guilty on all counts…gobbling, gulping, guzzling–eating on the go…I know if I was more MINDFUL of the act of putting something into my mouth it’d be much more an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Thanks for a timely reminder!

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