Calling all Morselites!

Good morning!

I’m working on a Morselite Bucket List and want YOUR list!

Please submit your Top 3 Wishes from YOUR Bucket List and I will include in my upcoming blog. Feel free to include something from your list that you’ve done recently.

I shared one of mineΒ Zippity Zip-lining!

I’m excited to have you be a part of this!!

Please spread the word and let’s get moving!Β Mac-n-Mo’s Tip O’ the day: Face your fears

38 thoughts on “Calling all Morselites!”

  1. Not necessarily in this order:

    1. Harvest sea salt, probably in Italy or France or maybe Australia (I love Murray River Salt)

    2. Meet my grandchildren and see my son as a father (he is only 10 now)

    3. Help millions of people easily change the way that they eat so that they enjoy it more than they could imagine and improve their health.

  2. Love this Mo!

    1. Travel to Istanbul
    2. Write and star in a children’s TV Show
    3. Bicycle through Tuscany
    4. Write and illustrate my own children’s book
    5. Have my own sitcom


    1. Sara,
      Istanbul and Tuscany….LOVE both cities!!
      I’ll join you!
      and writing and starring in a Children’s TV Show!
      That’s definitely a KEEPER!

  3. Love this – such great answers above!
    Here are mine:

    1- Live in Europe & NYC for a few months per year
    2- Have my own product line and/or fashion label
    3- Make a great living, doing all the things I love, while making the world a better place

    There are tons more where that came from…

  4. 1. Publish my book
    2. Develop businesses and a non profit
    3. Visit Australia
    My list is pretty long but these are the top 3. Thanks for making me take another look at my list. updating…..

  5. 1) Go down under (I mean Australia, of course)
    2) Guest star on Mad Men and Modern Family
    3) Record a CD

  6. (1) Increase my Mandarin proficiency from intermediate to fluent and actually relate to people and do business in Chinese

    (2) Own a home and a farm in Costa Rica (just visited, thereby completing several other items on my bucket list, which include visiting a Spanish-speaking country and pretty much only speaking Spanish while I’m there)

    (3) Make a difference in the lives of many people by means of my profession

  7. Great idea, Maura!
    1.Complete book proposal, write book and have it successfullly published – want it to be on “best seller” list.
    2. Do a TV segment
    3. Go back to Slovenia (Got married there, visited again for 6th anniversary: town of Bled is magical)

  8. Great topic, Mo! Reminds us to pay attention to how we choose to fill the time are given. The list of things that I’ve always wanted to do keeps growing but here are the top contenders:

    1. Play the Celtic harp
    2. Learn to speak Portuguese
    3. Visit my Brasilian family (many of whom I’ve never met!)
    4. Finish, publish and sell my books
    5. Record a CD of my original songs
    6. Own a really well-crafted ukulele
    7. Be a speaker for the Frida Center for Fibromyalgia

    And this last one is so big that for many years I dismissed it as a day-dream. It may be pie-in-the-sky but maybe, if I can claim ownership of it, I can make a small piece of it happen:

    8. Design and run a city dedicated to the arts and the needs of artists

  9. Okay – I don’t have an “official” bucket list; however, things I know I would like to do:

    1) Go to the French Open (tennis – we’ve been to the U.S. Open twice)
    2) Go to the Australian Open (tennis)
    3) Go to Wimbledon (I’ve been there . . . just not during the two weeks of the slam)
    4) Whitewater rafting (just did this)
    5) Travel through Italy (I’ve been to Venice, but not on the mainland)
    6) Learn Italian
    7) Have one of my paintings handing in a really respected place (other than Mo’s home).

  10. ok…top 3…it’s hard to get it down but I will try.

    Travel with my family on a summer trip through Europe
    Go back to China and be a tourist instead of just working
    Travel to Africa with my family

    Think I need to renew my passport!!!

  11. Ok, here goes!

    1- Hike and camp in the Grand Canyon!

    2- Play the role of Rosalind in Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’

    3- Traverse the Italian country-side!

    Just for starters:)

  12. Ok Miss Mo!!! There are so many things but here are more than just a few:
    1)Get my pilot’s license
    2)Become a Chef…but the “of what” has changed since I now am pretty much a Vegan with a slip here and there of some sushi and maybe some cheese! I want to become a Vegan Raw Chef. πŸ™‚
    3)Become a published author(close) The Adventures of Henry the Sports Bug!
    4)Launch my new product with huge financial success…close!!
    5)Live in Italy
    6)Own a ranch and take in as many unwanted dogs and animals I can find!
    7)Be a race car driver!
    Oh and probably get married, have kids and be really happy and content…I have a GREAT boyfriend so who knows! lol!

  13. Hmmm…

    See the Egyptian Pyramids and King Tut’s Tomb (done)
    Meet Julia Child (done)
    Go to Culinary School (done)
    Run a marathon by age 40 (done)
    Drive across country (done)
    Take a trip around the world
    Travel through Asia
    Host an exchange student
    Live in Tuscany
    Adopt a pet in need
    Develop a new food concept
    Build homes or libraries in a developing country
    Go on Safari
    Do a triathalon
    Learn Mandarin

    I have much to do…

  14. Zip-lining totally fun!! My top three are:
    1. Hang-gliding (done)
    2. Trek down into Grand Canyon via burro
    3. Visit Norway

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