A Morselist Meal Recipe

Do you ever open your fridge and think, “There’s NOTHING here?!”

I’ve done that the past 2 days and today I got creative using all the delicious veggies in our fridge!

I had an hour and a half to myself and I put on my Chef’s Hat. OK, so I don’t actually OWN a Chef’s Hat, but I did don an apron and my Mac-n-Mo’s Cap!

In our fridge, we had:

  • Eggplant,
  • Organic Yellow Squash,
  • Organic Zucchini
  • Mushrooms
  • Garlic
  • Fennel
  • Organic Tofu
  • Fresh Basil from my lovely Herb Garden
  • Fresh Lemon from my friend’s tree –Morselist Tip:  (Fresh Lemon acts as a GREAT salt substitute!)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Black Pepper
  • Red Pepper
  • Low Sodium Canned Tomatoes

After roasting and sauteing the veggies in EVOO and Garlic, I layered them in a ceramic casserole dish. I topped it off with sauteed tofu & fennel and a little tomato sauce.


Note:  You can use ANY veggies. I used what was in our fridge.

Feel free to add your protein of choice. And, please BE CAREFUL of the hot oil in the pan.  This Morselist, in her famous fashion, burned her arm!  OW!

Picture of burned arm NOT included.

Stay tuned for some Super LOW sugar dessert recipes…

I’m in Creative Experimental Mode!!

11 thoughts on “A Morselist Meal Recipe”

  1. Awesome Mo! Those photos look delicious. I might have to post some of your recipes in my newsletters. I’m always looking for new, healthy suggestions : )

  2. I was fortunate enough to have the dish last night. Delish!!!
    So healthy and full of flavor. I recommened to all- (i was not paid for my endorsement.

    Thanks Maura.


  3. Those are my favorite kind of meals! We pick up our CSA on Tuesdays so by Friday night I usually make some type of clean out the fridge meal. Roasted vegetables are the best! You’re right- topped with a little lemon zest and juice you don’t need salt or oil!

  4. I admire your creativity, Maura – I bet your dish was delish!!

    Funny, I was just thinking “the lettuce is your canvas”. Often times I prepare a salad with whatever I happen to have in the fridge/pantry – the lettuce, spinach, arugula – or what ever the leafy green – being my base. Last night (though i didn’t think I was too creative) a friend of mine remarked on my salad and loved the fact that I tossed in some blueberries in addition to the avocado and mini heirloom tomatoes (I’ve added cantaloupe, apples – any and every fruit that I’ve needed to use up. You see – fruits/vegetables, even a bit of nuts/seeds or dried fruits can add a lot of great texture flavor and color – there is no limit to the possibilities!!

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