Don’t get burned!

Last nights’s Friday Food Fair in Pasadena was a blast!

Local Food Trucks,

Artisanal Vendors

and an incredible mix of Supportive Foodies!

In addition to meeting some awesome

people, this Morselist learned

a valuable, yet painful lesson.

Twice this week (actually

twice in 2 days), I got BURNED!

Literally burned. Remember

A Morselist Meal Recipe

where I burned my right arm

with hot EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)?

I thought that was bad, and it was.

Well, last night, while baking morsels

for the Food Fair,

juggling too many trays at once,

and rushing to get them to the

Bakers Racks,

I got a 2nd degree burn

on my left elbow.

I literally heard and felt it SIZZLE.

OUCH doesn’t even come close!

Now, I’ve been injured before,

but NEVER burned, so I asked myself,

“why am I suddenly burning myself?”
Then, I asked Scott, one of the guys who runs

the kitchen, my boyfriend and my Mom.

They all had the same response.

“You’re doing too much and moving

too fast. Burning the candle at both ends.


This phrase has echoed through most

of my life, but  last night, it clicked

big time, as I nurtured my elbow with ice,

Aloe Vera and Neosporin.

So, my message to you wonderful Morselites

today, this weekend, this week, this month,

this LIFE:


We can still enjoy and embrace all life

has to offer, but maybe not in such a rush.

Also, if any of you have any tips for this blistering burn,

I’d greatly appreciate them!

Have a Morselicious Weekend & please

keep posting your Bucket List,

Calling all Morselites! if you’d like

to be included in


And a BIG THANKS to ALL of you who

have already posted your amazing lists!





7 thoughts on “Don’t get burned!”

  1. Oh, Mo! Oh, no! Do be careful with yourself! I know you carry a big load and have many plates spinning at once. Take care of yourself and feel better soon! Sending healing thoughts!

  2. This post is totally speaking right at me!!!! I seem to be caught up in both ends of the candle stick lately as well and though I’m not literally getting burned … I am endlessly putting out fires instead of making a well-thought out plan and executing said plan. Working on changing that and getting the balance back in my life;)
    Hope you feel better soon!!
    Yvonne Hall

  3. Oh no, hope you feel better soon. Burns are not fun, and yes! absolutely Slow Down before you Burn Out Lady! All at a good pace, it gets done eventually. Take care,

  4. SO sorry you were burned! I have had MANY burns (and scars!) from working in kitchens. First, run the burn under cold running water for 10 minutes. Then, moisten tea bags with water and put them on the burn area-the tannins help-or put a raw potato on-the starch helps. After this
    you can use aloe vera and wrap in gauze, but some people say that honey works too-acts as a natural antibiotic. Most of all-be careful!

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