Morselicious Monthly Year End Review

Happy Morselicious New Year!

Did you have a Merry Merry?

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Have you had time to reflect on 2012? Are you ready to ring in the New Year?

This month, I decided to review this past year month by month, which was most fun and enlightening!
It’s a great exercise/activity.
This is a very personal recap as it’s my own and I encourage you to try this exercise by using mine as a guideline/template.
I hope you enjoy and I wish you a MORSELICIOUS 2013! Looking forward to hearing more from you amazing readers! Thank you for all of your support!

After a nightmare two and a half weeks with my dad, Mac, in the ICU in a Tahitian hospital, we were finally able to get him flown home with medic assist along with my mom and me. It was by far one of the most challenging accomplishments of my lifetime, let alone year.

I started nutrition school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Yes, this was a direct result of my experience with my dad in the Tahitian Hospital.

I celebrated my 7 year anniversary with my “little” sister of Big Brother’s Big Sister’s. This has been a major important part of my life and has inspired me as well as my friends/colleagues beyond my wildest imagination.

An L.A. Theatre Company produced a staged reading of my original play with music, Insult to Injury. Stay tuned for more. I volunteered to serve on the Host Committee for Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps Gala in Sacramento, CA. Dad and I (Mac-n-Mo) were able to meet Dr. and Lisa Oz. A real highlight!


I was hired to write lyrics and sing a theme song for a fantastic new children’s book, Henry the Sports Bug. Click the link to read more and to listen to our theme song.

My friend Lindsay and I embarked on a girls camping trip to the Sequoia National Forest and encountered a bear visiting just outside our tent cabin on the last night of our adventure. Needless to say, we were thankful we survived, as well as the fact it was our final night. (Believe me, it would have been our final night regardless of our itinerary.

My boyfriend, Doug and I took an incredible trip to Costa Rica and we zip-lined through the majestic canopy rain forest and I went rappelling for the first and possibly the last time. It’s an exhilarating experience I will always treasure, though I’m not sure my knobby knees will tolerate the excruciating sharp rocks nestled behind the rush of the waterfalls

Taught an amazing group of teens in a non-profit housing organization, healthy cooking and baking and they LOVED my Morselicious NO salt, NO sugar recipes. A bright highlight in my year!

September: Mom and Dad celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary and what a 49 years they’ve shared! My sister took an incredible trip to Spain with her friend, Liz.

My healthy baked good company got local distribution and it was one of the most validating experiences for me in my business. I started writing for the

I was hired to present a diet/nutrition workshop on ADHD/AUTISM and learned, embraced and shared an entire new group of people and options.

Graduation from nutrition school, received my A.A.D.P. (American Association of Drugless Practice) national distribution for my healthy baked goods company in addition to receiving official non-gmo project verified seal. Ready to celebrate this year’s accomplishments, family/friends, health, creativity, Dad’s health and all of our lives! Tremendous gratitude!

Plans for 2013:
I begin the Business Immersion Program as an IIN alumni while at the same time working on getting more sleep!

Will you play with me?

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  1. Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished in 2012…
    You’re an inspiration!
    Love the idea of looking at the year month by month.
    It’s going tho be a GREAT year, 2013!!!!


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