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New Year’s Resolutions and My Healthy Diet

You’ve been presented a fresh opportunity to make some new year resolutions for a healthy diet – seize the opportunity to rid yourself of your ruinous dietary habits before it ruins your health and peace of mind. Presenting you 5 New Year’s resolutions for a healthy diet:

# 1: I will use the protein trick

Invites to some parties can be disastrous because we know we will pig out and then feel awful about it. Here’s a neat trick you can adopt; have a small, healthy protein rich meal an hour before the party. A protein rich meal will make you feel full and keep you feeling full for a few hours at least. This will prevent you from binging during the party.

# 2: My bakes will be healthier

There is no getting away from it especially if your family loves your baking skills. Try Stevia – it is a very sweet, natural herbal sweetener.  It is a non-caloric herb that grows in Paraguay and has been used as a sweetener and flavor enhancer for generations. In the USA, it is usually sold as a dietary supplement. Also, you can make frugal use of raw honey (instead of commercially available syrups) and Medjool dates.

# 3: I will cut alcohol consumption by a third.

Alcohol induces a pang for salty and deep fried food. Alcohol itself is filled with empty calories and when combined with salty or deep fried foods, the effect is anything but healthy. Make a new year’s resolution to water down (or ice down) your alcohol. It will help reduce the alcohol volume and decrease your pangs for salty or deep fried food.

# 4: I will make my meals colorful

A colorful meal presents a great visual delight and is also more nutritive. Swap white pasta, noodles and bread with wholegrain and pulses. Swap the dull colors of pasta and noodles with the bright multicolor of pulses, wholegrain, salads and veggies. It’s an open secret that the more colorful the food, the healthier it is and greater its nutritional value.

# 5: I will switch over to smaller plates or to portion control plates and eat slowly.

There’s only one way you can control your love for food; adopt smaller plates and avoid the second helping. A smaller plate fills faster and appears fully ‘loaded’.

How small is ‘small’?

Select a plate that is roughly around 9 inches in diameter. Concentrate on the food in your plate and as you eat, chew slowly, tasting and relishing every bit of the food. There are twin benefits to chewing slowly; as you chew slowly (as against swallowing hastily) the food gets mixed with saliva. Saliva is a catalyst that helps in food digestion and secondly, eating slowly gives time for your stomach (it needs at least 20 minutes) to send the full signal thereby avoiding the rush for second and third helping.

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4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions-Precise Portions Post”

  1. Great article. Thank you. I’m certainly not perfect, but I stay thin by exercising every day and limiting my portions. Life’s too short; I’m still gonna eat all the ‘good stuff’…pizza, cookies, etc. but instead of woofing down 3 or 4 pieces of pizza, I eat 1 or 2 and walk away.
    It’s a learned behavior, not something that happens over night, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not bad. It’s totally worth it to look and feel better and still be able to fit into my jeans! 🙂

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