Diabetes & Peanut Butter Month?

What does November mean to you?

Morselicious Squash
Morselicious Squash

3 things off the top o’ my #Morselicious head:

  1. Thanksgiving/my birthday (always falls within a day or two) believe me, as a child, this was NOT so grand, but now, I’m extra grateful!
  2. Diabetes Awareness Month
  3. National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month – I kid you, NOT! 🙂

The mo’  I write,  the mo’ things come to mind, more like race through my mind:

  • Holiday madness- less than 8 weeks left of the year!!!  YIKES!
  • Pumpkins and every type of squash imaginable, including some I’ve never even tasted
  • Oodles of spices:  cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, anise, cardoman, cayenne…
  • Sipping hot simmering cups o’ spice in front of the fireplace
  • Family, friends, festive fun
  • Lots of ORANGE, one of my FAVORITE colors!
Mo at Halloween
Mo at Halloween

Your turn to share your November moments and memories! Don’t be shy!

Exciting news:  Mac-n-Mo’s has a brand new channel on YOU TUBE!

Won’t you please subscribe?    I promise to enlighten, educate and entertain…
Recurring segments include:

  • Cuppa Mojo with Mo (I’ll answer your questions)
  • In the Kitchen with Mo (I’ll demonstrate how to make some of my #MORSELICIOUS recipes)
  • SOS! Need Mo’ help! (emergency solutions for you)
  • Waste no Mo’ (tips how to NOT waste any of your food, containers and jars) 
  • Morselicious healthy tips
  • Morselfying holiday recipes and comfort foods
  • Recipes, Rhymes & Raps

you get the idea…

Morelicious Monthy Recipe Club
Morelicious Monthy Recipe Club

My Morselicious Monthly Recipe Club is live and I’m excited to have you join!

Please use coupon code “TENMO” for 10% off any purchase from macnmos.com

Enjoy your #MORSELICIOUS MONDAY,  orange you glad it’s November?  🙂


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