Mac’s birthday AND National Chocolate Day!

Happy Birthday Dad (a.k.a. Mac) and National Chocolate Day! I doubt it’s a coincidence BOTH fall on the same day!  🙂  Celebrate with a couple extra chocolate chip morsels!  



Dad and me
Dad and me

Some Tricks to NOT “Over-Treat”!

Happy Halloween Week!!  While Halloween can be the spookiest holiday, here are a few  tricks to avoid over-treating:

1.)    Eat before you go out. Eat a balanced whole food #MORSELICIOUS meal, even if just a rainbow salad and nut butter on top of a sweet potato!  Believe me, that’s filling AND tasty AND healthy!  It can also satisfy your sweet craving.  Last year, I made chocolate-peanut butter smoothies and it hit the spot!   Of course, these are just a couple of quick and easy suggestions.

2.)    Be different. Consider giving non-food items instead of sugary candy.  Why be like everyone else?

3) The next few months – Halloween through Christmas – are filled with temptations that can sabotage your health and wellness goals. Keep fresh veggies and fruits in a container or bowl, easily within reach and sight.  Sweet peppers satisfy a crunchy craving, as do freshly baked kale chips.   Pack a bag of nuts or pumpkin seeds and always have on hand. Make some of Mo’s fancy spa water with fresh lemon slices, cucumbers and if you’re extra fancy, a sprig o’ mint.

Make your own MORSELICIOUS treats or  hot cuppa mojo at home.


Look what Morselite Mom Blogger, Amy from SavvySavingCouple  made with her MORSELICIOUS MIX:


Halloween Morsels
Halloween Morsels

Remember, we still have Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza & New Year’s to celebrate!   🙂

Have a MORSELICIOUS Halloween!


P.S. If you are interested in my detox group program/e-cookbook, or if you would like to join  my Morselicious Monthly Recipe Club, please email me today!


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