Work it out Wednesday & Spinach Confession

Little Green Piggy had rehearsal.

Little Green Piggy brought lunch from home.

Little Green Piggy had Spinach.

Little Green Piggy nearly got e-coli.

Little Green Piggy thanked her lucky stars ALL the way home!

A few years ago, I was rehearsing a musical, being the ever so prepared

MORSELIST even back before there was a MORSELIST.

I have always packed my own meals when I’m going to

Be at a long rehearsal or meeting…that’s been part of my life/habit

Since college.


Spinach Salad with Orange Roughy, Avocado, Pine Nuts,

Mushrooms, Carrots, Zucchini, and my favorite home made

Dressing…remember the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Juice,

Pepper, Garlic, Balsamic Vinegar and Fresh Basil.


We rehearsed all morning and broke for an hour lunch.

The other actors were heading to a Fast Foodish Restaurant. (not as bad as fast food)

They invited me to join them, even though they teased me, calling me

Laura Ingalls with her “Green” lunch pail.  I decided to join them, despite

“Nellie Olson” behavior, as I munched on my delectable-healthy salad.

They continued to tease, while I defended myself-

Preaching  how “smart and healthy” I was, as they ate, in my opinion, less than

Healthy on the verge of piggy meals.
We returned to the theatre, (Laura-Green– Ingalls and piggies and I noticed

I had a new voice mail message. As I listened, I heard my Mom’s voice warn me,

“I’m sure you are already well aware, but just to be safe,


What kind of a message is that from your Mom, right?

The woman who instilled the rules & benefits of eating all your veggies.

Wait. There was more to her message.

“There’s been an e-coli outbreak.”

My face must have turned green, because my friend, Richard,  asked,

“are you ok?”
Richard was the #1 teaser so I hesitated to share the news.

He laughed so hard, I thought he’d get an outbreak just from his

explosive outbursts.

“Miss…I’m so healthy- eating my Spinach Salad with e-coli dressing while

you  piggies chomp away on NON e-coli tacos!

Now, who’s the piggy?

Miss Little Green Piggy!”

Yes, we theatre actors act about 8 years old  (well, some of us do..

me, included).

The next 8 hours were grueling as I looked to Richard & he looked to me

for any sign or symptom of e-coli.

Thankfully, Popeye and Laura Ingalls prevailed and I switched to arugula

for the next few months.

The morsel of the story?

Do NOT judge others by their food choices or it might bite you

in the you know what, figuratively AND literally!

OK…I don’t have mine anymore, but who remembers this Holly Hobble Lunch Box?  Now, SHE was SOOOOO Laura Ingalls!


Speaking of…is anyone dressing up for HALLOWEEN?
What are you going to be? I have some ideas percolating… 


6 thoughts on “Work it out Wednesday & Spinach Confession”

  1. I was cleaning out my garage the other day and ran into my Holly Hobby doll…from when I was a kid of course:) Didn’t have the lunch box, but thought the doll was pretty cool too!
    I don’t think the kids carry lunch boxes any more? What great memories!
    P.S. Loved Little House on the Prairie…

  2. Thanks, Susie!
    Doesn’t it bring back memories?
    I’ve seen SPONGE BOB lunch pails and lots of
    insulated reusable lunch bags…
    I miss our Holly Hobbie ones…

  3. Your stories are so funny! Good for Mary Ellen!
    Little House on the Prairie and Holly Hobby…oh my. What lunch pails do little kids have nowadays?

  4. i had that holly hobbie lunchbox! loved it! and oh, my goodness, the spinach story! hilarious – only because you didn’t have e coli, though. thanks for sharing!

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