When the Warranty Expires…

Has your warranty expired? Has your “Maintenance Required” Light alerted “time to schedule your tune-up!”

As time marches on, I’ve become more aware of how much time is spent maintaining health, scheduling tune-ups, doctor appointments, keeping up with exercise routines, meal-prepping, gratitude journaling, getting 7-8 hours of QUALITY sleep, UN-plugging, time with loved ones…and it’s EXHAUSTING!
The list never ends and there are more moments than I’d care to admit, it seems IMpossible, which as most of you know is MY FAVORITE word. “The word itself says “I’m POSSIBLE,” however, at these times, I find myself a hypocrite thinking that maintaining my life and health to be IMPOSSIBLE!

This is when I remind myself in a screaming fit to take a breath and ask, “what’s going RIGHT about and IN my life NOW?” Or the reverse; “what’s NOT wrong right now?” This usually slows down or stops the SLINKY-Spiral frenzy. Raise your hand if you remember slinkies. Extra points for the jingle… “>A slinky, a slinky, it’s such a wonderful toy…”

I’ve had my share of medical anomalies and scares and just before turning 50, which I am grateful and proud of, my doctor replied to my tears of frustration with “the warranty expires.” Like Sally O’Malley in the Vintage SNL Skit hilariously played by Molly Shannon.

Pure perfection! As I got into my car from that appointment, the Maintenance Light/Alert displayed on my dashboard. The irony did NOT escape me and laughing through tears, I knew all would be O.K.
when even my car ala Night Rider or more like Schlep from the 1970’s t.v. show, Wonder Bug, reminded me.

The message was NOT lost on me. Newton’s, “a body in motion stays in motion.” All moving beings, things, machines, require maintenance.
What does YOUR body, mind, soul NEED to maintain health, happiness, balance, energy?
What can you ADD to the check-list?
Car batteries die if they are not charged or driven enough just like our bodies need to move in order for our blood to get optimal circulation, joints to stay lubricated, digestion to MOOOVE properly, skin to GLOW…
When we are stagnant and sedentary, we block the flow. Everyone and everything needs an oil change, a power-cleaning flush, alignment adjustments. Ha. Some of us may even benefit from an attitude adjustment now and then and then again. But, that’s another post. 🙂

As exhausting as they are maintenance tune-ups are the ONLY antidote to clear out the cobwebs and regenerate our glow and flow.
Do yourself a favor, treat yourself with self-love and care by taking a few minutes, half-hour, hour EVERY day to check-in with yourself, your loved ones, your health care professionals to prevent MAJOR repairs. Be proactive instead of reactive. PAY ATTENTION to our REMINDER ALERTS:

Air Quality
Battery Charge

Practically everything will work again if we unplug it for a few minutes. Unplug. Recharge. Reset. Renew.

Please accept my complimentary 20-minute health coaching consultation by scheduling with me.

Happy Morselicious Monday!

Mo, the Morselist

9 thoughts on “When the Warranty Expires…”

  1. Maura!

    This post is really insightful and a great reminder. This message needs to be spoken more often, even though we all think we know it by now. I think you did a splendid job of encouraging and inspiring!

    Big hugs to you my friend!

    ~ Kelly

    1. Thank you a million Morselicious thanks, Kelly and how are you finding time for your maintenance? Would love to hear any insights or tips. xo

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