TT Thankful Thursday & Mo’ Snack Recipes

Happy TT Thankful Thursday!

Ok…funny side story.

Yesterday, I got a last-minute audition. I had to be in Hollywood dressed up and coiffed to the nines wearing a Holiday Sleeveless Dress and apron. in ONE HOUR!

WHAT?!!  You can’t get ANYWHERE in L.A. in less than an hour and this Morselist with her crazy hair can’t be coiffed and dressed to the nines, wearing a sleeveless dress (REMEMBER MY BURN which now looks like a HUGE scar or Nasty Birth Mark) AND in Hollywood in TWO hours! 🙂

Visual to your right:  

Sooo…I did what ANY overly stretched thin Morselist would do and I rushed to make myself as presentable as possible..wearing the “holiday dress” they asked for..noting to cover my arms with a sweater. I put makeup on and ran a brush through my hair.


Winded my way through insane L.A. traffic and finally found a parking space a few blocks away from the Casting Office. I power walked to the office and rushed through the door with 15 seconds to spare! That’s right! 15 seconds!

There were four other actors in the room waiting to go in and looked at me with pity. Not only had I forgotten to wear an apron- yes the Professional Baker in the Actor Pool, FORGOT her apron! No joke!- one very sweet actor, offered me her brush.

Apologetically, I replied, “I already brushed my hair.”

“Oh, well, your shoes are ADORABLE!”

Moving on….

I’ve been thinking about a few things I’m thankful for and I hope it doesn’t come across as arrogant. I’m thankful for my passion and creativity and my brain.

There, I said it. Well… I WROTE it.

The more I read, hear and see, the more frustrated I become with Mainstream Media and what they feed us. Pun intended.

I truly believe if more people thought OUTSIDE THE BOX and trusted their gut thinking ahead, (THINK PREVENTION) we’d be in a smarter/safer/healthier place.

Case in point,  I think if we read between the lines about what’s promoted as “Healthy” and really read labels and looked at ourselves, our loved ones, those around us and watched what we  put into our mouths, our bodies,  we’d know in our gut,  (ANOTHER pun intended) what’s good for us and what’s not so good, possibly toxic.

I read this quote a few days ago and LOVED it:

“Sugar is the nice girl’s Crack Cocaine.” – Robyn Openshaw, aka Green Smoothie Girl

Growing up, I witnessed too many of my family members, from both sides, get very sick;  stroke, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, legs amputated.. enough visual graphics for today, but my sister and I knew at a young age, we had pretty bad genes and we made a pact to do everything in our power to change the course of our family history.

We refused to accept our bad genes as fate.

My Doctor told me that our genetics play about 30-40% of our health and lifestyle/choices 60-70%.

Dr. Dean Ornish states, “By changing your diet and lifestyle you can ‘turn off’ disease-causing genes and ‘turn on’ healing genes.”

Perhaps we will, or perhaps, we won’t succeed,  but we will go down FIGHTING  AND feeling much better while we do and we’ll be LAUGHING all the while…because laughing is more fun than crying! Most of the time! 🙂

Dr. Andrew Weil believes and teaches via Integrative Medicine“The body is capable of healing itself.” And, for this, I’m truly thankful and believe me, I’ve suffered many illnesses and injuries and have healed and will NEVER take my health for granted.

I LOOOOVE adventure, new opportunities, FUN and FOOD!!! Morselicious Food, that is!!!

To express my gratitude for this and for my favorite Morselite Readers, here are a few tasty healthier snack recipes.

Hope you enjoy and please share a few of your own.

Morselicious Autumn Hot Cocoa

It’s delicious heated or cold. I drank mine Hot!


Mo’s Protein Snack

Mix Hemp Protein, Almond Butter & Hemp Seeds together and spread on Rice Cakes or cracker of choice.
* Cashew Cream
(I’ll admit I was hesitant to make this, thought it would be a HUGE PAIN…but, it was SO easy & OMG, YUM!)
  • 2 cups of Raw Cashews
  • 1 cup of water
  • cover cashews in water in bowl
  • Soak in refrigerator overnight
Drain some of the water in the morning and blend well into a thick cream (I store mine in a jar and use as a butter, cheese, spread, whatever…)

19 thoughts on “TT Thankful Thursday & Mo’ Snack Recipes”

  1. “The body is capable of healing itself.”

    Love that! Thanks for the reminder–we believe it too, we’ve had our injuries too and know what good nutrition, good sleep and taking care of yourself can do. Thanks Mo!! oxoxo

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. You are not arrogant. I will be using the quote about sugar and nice girls! I am with you all the way.

    ps: I hope you get the part

  3. I love your story and your shear determination to make it to the audition….on on time! I was there in June and couldn’t make it down the block in an hour!

    Great, positive, perspective and love the hot cocoa recipe too!

  4. thanks for posting the cashew cream recipe. can’t wait to try it and the high protein snack.

    btw, for those of us with unruly hair – forget the brush – complete waste of time. throw in a clip, a hair tie or scarf. just live with the curls – the world will be jealous!!

  5. Okay – Two things.
    One, you have never looked lovelier! If you receive a brush in the mail, please don’t be offended.
    Two, the hot cocoa sounds REALLY good. I’m going to have to break down and get some of the So Delicious coconut milk (finally) – my mouth is watering thinking about it. Also, the cashew butter/spread/cheese is a really great idea – kind of like peanut butter without all of the oil. I will be trying that one as well.
    Thanks again for the fun story (I can just see you at the audition – LOL) and the great recipes!

    1. Hee hee…if you DO mail me a brush, please make sure
      it’s a REALLY EXPENSIVE one! 🙂
      Let me know when you try the Coconut Milk & the recipes.
      I promise you’ll LOVE!

    1. Ha ha!! When I got into my audition, they asked
      me to take off my sweater.
      I politely said, “I can’t.”
      I did my “Baking Martha Stewart” Character
      as I read my lines, “here’s the tricky part.”
      Will keep you posted if I get the gig! 🙂

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