The MorseLIST(lite) Bucket List

“The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.

This Morselist had so much fun reading ALL of your incredible Bucket Lists and even added some of yours to my own expanding list!

Remember Too much chi chia…

I really think we need to start a MORSELITE CLUB! Any takers?

Here are some of the awesome posts from your list and I noticed  recurring themes of  extreme sports, traveling, learning a new language,  getting published and making a difference in the world.

Some of you posted a checklist (DONE) after certain items on your list.

LOVE it! I’ve taken liberty by posting links to a few of my blogs that pertain quite directly to your list. Some as a cautionary warning to avoid the mistakes I made, but mainly to bring a chortle to your day.

Here are YOUR MorseLIST Bucket List ideas:

– Hang-gliding

– Trek through Machu Picchu

–  Visit Norway

– Go back to Ireland The Irish & their grub

–  Harvest sea salt, probably in Italy or France or maybe Australia.- Help millions of people easily change the way that they eat so that they enjoy it more than they could imagine and improve their health.
– Shark Diving Regrets? No way!– Seeing a baseball game at every Major League Baseball Stadium- Travel Europe

– Go to the Indy 500

– Play the Celtic harp-  Learn to speak Portuguese-  Visit my Brasilian family (many of whom I’ve never met!)

–  Finish, publish and sell my books

–  Be a speaker for the Frida Center for Fibromyalgia

–  Go to the French Open-  Go to Wimbledon-  Whitewater rafting

–  Learn Italian

–  Have one of my paintings handing in a really respected place

– Hike and camp in the Grand CanyonTraverse the Italian country-side!

-Write & star in a Children’s T.V. Show

– Get my pilot’s license- Become a Chef…but the “of what” has changed since I now am pretty much a Vegan with a slip here and there of some sushi and maybe some cheese!- Become a published author

– Own a ranch and take in as many unwanted dogs and animals I can find!

– Be a race car driver!

– See the Egyptian Pyramids and King Tut’s Tomb- Go to Culinary School- Run a marathon by age 40- Drive across the country

– Take a trip around the world

– Travel through Asia

– Host an exchange student

– Adopt a pet in need  No good-good-doer’s

– Develop a new food concept

– Build homes or libraries in a developing country

– Go on Safari

– Do a Triathalon

– Learn Mandarin

– Write and illustrate my own children’s book

–  Hot air ballooning- Zip lining   Zippity Zip-lining!
– Travel through South America (think Motorcycle Diaries)- Live in Italy or Costa Rica

And this is just to start!  SO much to do!!  I love  the enthusiasm, creativity and goodwill you have all expressed and am grateful you shared with us.

Now, go cross one thing off your MorseLIST and tell us about it OR better, send a photo!

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