Thankful Thurday & Thrive!!

Happy Thankful Thursday!
It’s your day to THRIVE!!!

Before I begin, I’d like

to thank a wonderful woman, Jonelle,

whom I met a few days ago at a demo.

She is a Cancer SURVIVOR and has inspired me

this week!

I met her moments after encountering a

WACKADOO #1.  I’ve thought about Jonelle and her

amazing spirit and truly believe that just when

I swear I’m going to throw in my Morsel Mitts,

I’m gifted with meeting someone inspiring and

MORSELITE worthy. SO….thank you, Jonelle!

What comes to mind when you hear the word “THRIVE?”

Let’s get a discussion started!!!

OK, OK..I’ll start:

When I hear the word, “THRIVE,” I think…




I also think, (and this may sound strange)  underdog.

I root for the underdogs and thrive makes me think of someone

who has not had the advantages others have and yet they overcome and THRIVE!

Or, like the  poinsettia plant in front of my window that no matter how

many times the gardeners try to cut down, it keeps growing taller-thriving and I’m constantly

rooting for it…much

“like a seed, that with the sun’s love,

in the spring, becomes a rose.”

OK…name that tune-4 points!
Now, go out and THRIVE!!! 




5 thoughts on “Thankful Thurday & Thrive!!”

  1. Thanks again, Mo, for you beautiful and encouraging message. Thrive means more than just striving after the wind, it’s being POSITIVE every morning when I get up. I think and thrive, how and what I can do to make me and others happy, despite of the discomfort and WACKADOO’S we all face every now and then. Thrive is giving of oneself to help, encourage, and to embrace people when time of need. Life is precious. Today and everyday, may you have a wonderful MORSELITEFUL DAY!

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