Morselist Tip O’ the day: Enthusiasm

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Remember this when the Negative Nellies try to get you down by laughing at your joie de vivre.

Imagine what life would be like without passion and enthusiasm.


Throughout this Morselist’s life, there have been naysayers who shook their heads in bewilderment at my tenacity and enthusiasm. I say “let them.”
I prefer to move full steam ahead at whatever goal or mission I’m working towards. It makes me happy and fills my life with purpose. And, I’ll admit, at times, it can be EXHAUSTING!

We must remember to take a little break for ourselves.

Who would you rather be? An Enthusiastic Edna or a Negative Nellie?

It’s all about choices. Remember my blog about Boomerang? Even though the Negative Nellie Shop Owner tried to get me down, I would do the same thing all over again.

So, when the Negative Nellies try to get you down, be your own cheerleader and route for the Enthusiastic Edna’s!

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