Do walk your walk or just talk the talk?

People may doubt what you say, but they’ll believe what you do.

Remember my blog about lessons I learned via my “Lil” Sis via her lil’ sis and my teaser “Coming Soon: Do You Walk Your Walk?”

Well, it’s you walk your walk or merely talk the talk?

I don’t know about you, but it is a huge pet peeve of mine when I hear people blab whatever it is they think you want to hear and it’s apparent there is no integrity or passion behind any of it. It’s just talk…blah blah blah.

Yet, the people who inspire and strike a fire inside me are those who DO! They are the movers and shakers and candlestick makers! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

I’ve become quite an expert at spotting the Walkers from the Talkers.

Which one are you? Which one do you want to be? I’ll admit, it’s NOT always great being the walker, because it can be off-putting to some and I have been known a few too many times to put my power walkin’ foot into my mouth. However, I decided long ago, I’d rather stay true to who I am, than provide lip service to placate the majority.

Remember, it’s about CHOICES.

So, go ahead and talk the talk or get your shoes on for one great walk!

Please share your thoughts and ideas about this.
And, as always, have a Morselicious Day!!

6 thoughts on “Do walk your walk or just talk the talk?”

  1. Hi Mo! So true! I do believe we do our best to walk the walk in most aspects of our lives. The physical part with the sneakers is the easiest part for us to walk the walk! πŸ™‚ The hardest part to walk the walk is when it comes to getting enough sleep! πŸ™‚

  2. Reminds me of “say of you mean, mean what you say…”. One of several mini tips I’ve compiled for my local YMCA’s health/fitness promotion.

    Gr8 minds think alike, Maura!

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