Morselicious Tip & Challenge O’the day:Eat Fresh

Hope everyone had a Morselicious Memorial Day Weekend and took a moment to pause and honor our Veterans.

Gearing up for a lovely 4-day work week, let’s try a new challenge.
Remember my previous posts “Wishes, Plans and Goals, Oh My!” and “Weight Conscious or Health Conscious” and finally  “ANDI Top 10 Foods by Department?”

Challenge yourself to buy fresh, real food instead of processed, packaged food. By eating “fresh” food, you’ll eliminate unwanted processed, refined grains, chemicals, sugars, and hydrogenated fats, from sneaking into your body.

If this challenge seems daunting, review read my previous blogs listed above and just try it for ONE meal today.

Then, ONE meal tomorrow.

Then, 2 meals the next day. And so on…working up to a diet consisting of 85% fresh, real, WHOLE foods.

For those who aren’t ready to throw out the packaged frozen meal, a very doable tip is to add a bunch of fresh greens to 1/2 of a frozen meal. Save the other 1/2 and mix it with fresh veggies for another meal. Wean yourself. Step by step. The more we wean out processed foods and replace with real, fresh foods, the more our taste buds will change and begin to CRAVE the real, whole food.

Just try it.

Please post and share your comments, thoughts, tips.
Thank you and have a Morselicious Week!


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