Mega IIN Health Conference & Sugar- a drug

Happy Work it out Wednesday!
As many of you know, I’m attending IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

for my certification in Health Coaching and LOVING it!

Please let me know if you have ANY questions or interest. Check out my site:

2 weekends ago, IIN hosted an incredible MEGA Health Conference

with guest speakers, Joshua Rosenthal,Β John Robbins, David Wolfe, Geneen Roth, Julia Ross, Gary Taubes,Β Sean Corne, Paul Pitchford,Β 

The wealth of knowledge, passion and experience was humbling and inspiring.

So many dietary theories abound, but the one thing EVERYONE agreed/s on:

sugar is TOXIC! In fact, Julia Ross gave us a history lesson and when sugar was

first introduced to Europe from India, they kept it under lock and key at

apothecaries and only the pharmacist could dispense it. It was called “crack,”

because of it’s addictive quality. Now, there’s food for thought…

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6 thoughts on “Mega IIN Health Conference & Sugar- a drug”

  1. I COMPLETELY stopped eating sugar for 5 days. I felt great! I slept like a baby, I felt calm and happy, and I swear I even looked better:))
    Then yesterday I ate 5 pieces of Sees candy and today I feel horrible:(
    I tossed and turned all night, and feel just icky today.
    Sugar is POISON!

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