Tasty Tuesday Healthy Delectables Chef

I met a LOVELY Chef, Tamar Kagan, at the Green Festival on Saturday

on the Good Food Stage and she graciously agreed

to do an interview for The Morselist.

Tamar’s demonstration was right before mine so I was

able to watch and taste some of her Healthy Delectables!

Tamar Kagan’s 

I am a lifelong vegetarian with knowledge encompassing cuisines ranging from vegetarian to vegan to macrobiotic. My parents are from Latvia, and immigrated to Israel, where I was born. Around the time of my birth, they became lacto-ovo vegetarians (meaning, they cut out meat and fish, but kept the dairy and eggs in their diet). Being from the former Soviet Union, where their diets were rich with meat, and few vegetables (My grandfather managed a butcher shop!), this was a big change for my family. However Israeli cuisine is full of fresh fruit and vegetables, and I was raised with a passion for whole foods, influenced by a combination of Eastern European and Middle Eastern cuisine. We moved to San Francisco when I five, and my palette expanded to many different cuisines. As soon as I was on my own in the kitchen, I taught myself how to prepare clean, healthy, easy, fun and affordable meals, inspired by many cultures.

There’s vegetarian, and then there’s HEALTHY vegetarian. Swearing off meat and/or dairy doesn’t cut it.  To be healthy you need have a balanced nutritious diet and a consistent exercise routine. I strive for this in my own life and my experience as the Assistant General Manager of one NYC’s most popular vegan/macrobiotic restaurants, Angelica’s Kitchen, and my background as a Spinning Instructor, taught me how to prepare super healthy, nutritious meals. And while I don’t eat it, I can provide you with information on eating the right meat/fish/poultry, and how to prepare it.

My food philosophy centers on developing an intuition about your body’s cravings and knowing how to prepare quick, low maintenance, nutritional meals. I can teach you about alternative grains, alternative sweeteners, proteins and carbs. There’s no need to spend hours in the kitchen—I don’t! Invite me into yours and I’ll show you how it’s done, and we’ll eat some delectable meals in the bargain.

Q  Please tell my readers how you became interested in the food business.

I have always been into food. My Mom is a great cook, and has been a big influence, and the whole family loves food. I took a particular interest in healthy eating when I worked at Angelica’s Kitchen in NYC, a very popular vegan/macrobiotic restaurant, and then continued to expand my knowledge when I became a fitness instructor. The decision to start Healthy Delectables came out of a conversation I had with my friend April Eckfeld, who would come over to my house, and I would throw together a quick healthy meal, or bake her a healthy treat, and she suggested one day that I teach people how to do that. The business organically (pun intended) developed into a web series (given my performance background), a baking line, blog and Food Coaching business.

Q.  How would describe what your do?  Personal Chef? Teacher? Caterer?

All of the above? I teach and inspire people how to maintain a delicious and healthy lifestyle (i.e. A Food Coach) and a Chef and Baker.

Q.  Where can people find you? How can they hire your services?

On my website! www.healthydelectable.com
-People can watch my web series, Tamar’s Healthy Delectables
-People can purchase my healthy baked goods, and I will be offering cranberry sauces for the holiday season, and maybe vegan pumpkin pie (TBD)
-I am available to teach/coach
-People can read my blog
– I have been hired to cater events, and to prepare meals for individuals who are transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, or who don’t have the time to prepare their own meals, but want to be healthier.

Q.  Please tell us more about your web series and how you created it.

My same friend, April Eckfeld, who suggested I start the Healthy Delectable business, is also a Producer/Director of the show. We conceived the show together. We wanted to do something beautiful, inviting, easy, inspiring, and something that would incorporate all of my talents and skills. I sing a bit on the show, and have fun, while inspiring people to go find the treasures from their local farmers markets and make easy, healthy and often very affordable meals.

Q.  If you could share 3 of your favorite tips/philosophies on Food/Healthy Living,
what would they be?  Especially to no-cooks.

1. Make your dishes colorful! Other than a colorful plate of food looking super inviting, you are actually getting more nutrition, because each color comes with it’s own set of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
2. Embrace herbs and spices! Whether you’re adding fresh and fragrant Basil to your dish, or adding a dash of cayenne to something, not only do herbs and spices have tons of health benefits, but they also have no added calories, as pre-made dressings and sauces do. It’s fun to figure out your version of favorite spices. My go to are cayenne, sea salt, garlic powder, and Braggs Liquid Aminos.
3. Avoid purchasing boxed/canned food. Typically manufactured goods in a can or box have preservatives in them, among other things like a lot of sodium, corn syrup, and ingredients with many syllables that sound like they came out of a science experiment. A similar healthier version can be found in the healthy section of your grocer, or even better, made fresh by YOU!

Q. Would you like to share one of your favorite recipes?

Here is my Raw Oatmeal I demonstrated on the GOOD FOOD STAGE
BEFORE your presentation. It’s slightly  abridged:
Raw Oatmeal
Rinse and soak 1 cup whole oat groats over morning before, and
rinse and re-soak night before. Keep covered with porous towel.
Morning of, place rinsed and strained groats in a blender or food
processor with nut milk, raw honey, chia seeds, flax oil and a dash of
sea salt (customize amounts and ingredients to your liking). Blend,
and serve with toasted pumpkin seeds, and fresh fruit. Serves two.




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  1. I completely agree with Tamar’s assertion to be really healthy it takes a balanced nutritious diet and consistent exercise routine–thanks for this interview Mo!

  2. Mo, Thank you for this great interview with Tamar. Sadly I missed her demo at the Greens Festival. Glad to learn more about her on this blog.

    BTW: Thanks for sharing your love of food and nutrition (and your demo’d recipe), Tamar. We share a very similar philosophy.

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