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What is the difference in health between a man
who over the course of 20 years drinks two-three glasses of alcohol daily
vs. someone who drinks only one glass daily?
Or someone who does not drink at all during the week but binge drinks on the weekends?
A: My initial response would be that drinking steadily over time
(whether 1 or more glasses a day) is preferable to binging.
Shocking the body is never good and over-consumption
all in one full swoop is quite a doozy.
Some people have great resistance to alcohol that has built up over the years.
That being said, I would never recommend alcohol
and lean toward the man with a more conservative habit of 1 of glass of alcohol per day.
I’d rather suggest a drink on occasion in moderation
(the amount depending on the sex and the individual,
although I’m inclined to say stick to 4-5 oz of red wine).
Yes, I am conservative. 
The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans defines
“moderate consumption” as up to 1 glass a day for woman;
2 glasses a day for men.
(Each glass equiv. to 5 oz wine, or 12 oz beer, or 1.5 oz distilled spirit.)
for those who already drink (notably red wine’s antioxidant resveratrol,
but also that moderate consumption of other alcohols can also
provide heart-healthy benefits such as lowered stress levels
and increased HDL (good) cholesterol).
But there are other ways to improve your heart-health without added toxins
– namely consumption of a plant-based diet (providing nutrient-dense foods, rich in antioxidants).
We all know the George Burns phenomenon – smoking ’til age 100
but that doesn’t mean we’ll all be so lucky.
One more word to the wise:
Just because your body is tolerant of a food/substance, doesn’t mean you can abuse it.
And often we don’t intend do overdo it, but often our intake is greater than we think.
As with any bad-for-you food, be-it greasy fries or a hot fudge sundae,
the things that you put into your body on a consistent basis can and do add up if you aren’t careful.
They may lead to serious consequences affecting our liver and/or heart-health,
not to mention diabetes and other conditions.
Think cholesterol build-up and hardening of the arteries.
It doesn’t happen overnight.
And let’s not forget that alcohol not only has a relatively high caloric value
(7.1 calories per gram vs carbs at 4.5 calories per gram –
though fat is a bit higher at 9 calories per gram).
Alcohol also lowers your inhibitions which can lead to increased drinking
and the munchies and thus excess calories/potential for weight gain.
Remember the breakdown of alcohol leaves toxins to the body
which can affect your organs and immunity.
Read  Beyond Hangovers* for a thorough explanation of alcohol’s impact on your health.
Potential consequences of alcohol abuse include:
  • liver damage
  • brain damage
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure, high triglycerides
  • cancer
So keep it conservative, practice moderation and enjoy on occasion.
Lauren O’Connor, MS, RD is a registered dietitian
and owner/nutritional consultant for Nutri-Savvy.
Her approach and motto: “Savor, Taste and Enjoy…Nutrition”.
She focuses on building healthy values and choosing a wide variety of foods,
allowing for all foods – even sweets, in moderation.
O’Connor is a member of the American Dietetic Association (ADA).
As a nutritional expert, she’s contributed to various online media including
abcnews, everydayhealth, iVillage, Shine by yahoo,
Shape, LivingInThin, FitSugar and Multiples&More.
For more info. about Lauren O’Connor and her Services,
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